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  • Okay, I was just giving examples of progress that's been made. No need to debate me on sayng that something happened.
  • Um, again, this thread was made just to say that there's people in RS that don't want a thing to change. I think a lot of improvements can be made. I ust had to get defensive when the point was changed to RS being a sucky game. By the way, from the …
  • The only people we're going to get is people who don't like jagex because, one, that's the kind of person these forums attract, and two, the satisfied aren't likely to make a fuss about how satisfied they are.
  • "...coital, incestuous comportment." I'll have to use that O_o I am educated, and experienced.
  • Originally posted by Blissey   Well there's your problem right there. Blanket, oversimplified assumption based on nothing, that can't even be effectively attributed to me or anyone else here. But that's all you did to me, lol. All this thr…
  • But you weren't sticking with your arguments... In fact, the one's you seemed to think were the most solid were simply ad hominem. So, my apologies if you came off as ridiculous. And no, not a dime.
  • This is so awkward, what are you doing? You're sitting here arguing with me, but every time I quote and argument you make, you act like you weren't arguing, and dismiss whatever I say. This is ridiculous...
  • "You know that majority of RS players despise, and hate these updates." You should know that that's a terrible argument. If I told you the majority of people agreed with my stance, would that convey you? It shouldn't, because I couldn't prove a stat…
  • Double post. Tried editing and something weird was going on.
  • Okay. Where do I start...? I was hoping to make a point of how the game is changing, in aspects such as new ways to train, quest rewards and Dungeoneering, but instead I've gotten into an economic discussion (which could be one worth having, but is …
  •  Um, yeah, there's limits, and jagex can adjust prices, but if merchant clans have shown us anything, it's that we affect the market VERY much. There isn't a game out there that has people so interested in their training that they're attentive towar…
  • I just barely started reading your post until I got tired of the red. Yes, there's a player run economy. Could you change the color of your text to white, ust for meh? I have bad eyes. Last time, I had to highlight your whole thing to read a word.
  • Reporting for being silent was a lousy method, since no one's ever paying close attention to their woodcutting. The complaints, I magine, must have been ridiculous, so they had to scrap it because of how shallow a reading it was. ust because what RW…
  • That's something else that annoys me. People wouldn't consider me a veteran, having played for five years, which is pretty arrogant.
  • Yes, you're very rich >.> See? Nostalgic people.