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  • Originally posted by drake_hound probaly beta servers for eu , so to get test feedback from this side . And somethign else explained , but so far the information thats been confirmed i like it . They are moving the process up . So far things t…
  • Originally posted by Elikal Originally posted by deviliscious You people are insane. We already know we are the far superior gender. We can make men do as we please by just revealing parts of our skin. You are all doomed to be ruled by boob…
  • The only encounters that I've struggled with in the countless of MMO I've beta tested are due to broken "mechanics" and/or missing/non-implented "mechanics"... Basically things not working as intended. I find it more promising that people are able…
  • To be sure. Just format your HDD's and reinstall your OS. Then avoid succumbing to stupidity. None of my computers have ever been compromised, nor any e-mail, paypal, neteller, mmo accounts and so on have been stolen. You don't really have to be cau…
    in Keyloggers Comment by IIRL October 2010
  • It's not blizzards account security, it is the due to them having a huge number of customers and most likely alot of them are idiots, no offense, but you are an idiot if you fall for the countless scams out there.
  • It will most likely have a monthly fee. I hope it stays at that, but the WoW-Model is not such a turn off, pets, character transfer, race etc.
  • This game is obnoxious. And the multiple accounts guy seems really desperate about defending his game which is another sign to stay away from this game.
  • These guys commenting on the link when they have no clue what it really is. That guy saying he would never click on anything with Justin Bieber clicked twice on this thread and replied to it...  Bet Biohazard and GTwander might feel rather foolis…
  • I know this guy BioWare. He has told on me that we are going to be satisfied when he delivers.
  • Originally posted by RockyRambo i rly hope 4 lots of open pvp, thats what i jkill for, specially as a bh or even a sith inquiz or warrior, i like to hunt down in the open world even as i quest or craft what not, i like that idea of killing ppl even …
  • Zippy is a prejudice a-hole deeming all peopel who excessively jump in a game as a kiddy. Get of your high horse you only look retarded. Haven't you thought about it might be you it's wrong with? Not these so called ADD kids that you imagine. Jeez…
  • I'm going to roleplay an evil trooper, "raping and pillaging" every chance that I get to.
  • So you have a surgical crafted vag now or what? But you can't get pregnant and get an orgasm right? What's the point? Or do you have your penis? If you still have it you should keep it because it's awesome. :PPP
  • So you prefer guys now over females? You removing your cawk or what? Cuz that's messed up, since then you're aiming for straight guys or what? And straight guys only likes the Bailey Jay types with cawks according to the internets. And gay guys only…
  • Originally posted by parrotpholk  My concerns are still if its going to be an MMO or if its going to be the the pve part of guildwars. 200 hrs of content per toon is less than 10 days of content if I read that right. Yes it does say its not for the …
  • Originally posted by Phry SW:TOR is only loosely based on the Starwars franchise, with a great deal of 'reinterpretation' at that, comparisons to SWG are inevitable but misguided, too dissimilar in scope to really draw any real comparisons, the only…
  • Originally posted by vmoped The only thing that would encourage me to go to those social websites and help advertise their game and/or help them hype it up would be for a chance to beta/test (w/e they want to call it now) their game. I do not advert…
  • Only parasitic minds thinks it's wrong to shut down sites like these. Despite that I do frequent sites with leaks, but TOR is something I don't like to spoil, just get to know the gameplay, classes etc but not the story.
  • Does It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia count? Also Extras.
  • Originally posted by Benjola Here's a reality check for you clueless nerd of a OP: The game just entered Beta....   Cool man. All grey stars even though you've been rather active. But all your posts are either spam or flames. I'll go ahead …