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  • Oh nvm. I can be bothered to carry a runestone around with me if I plan to go far. 
  • No recall? Man I was ready for whatever changes they were willing to make but this is such a time waster. Are they going to make me rent at an inn to log off and make it like some old school MUD?
  • No chaos cities is dumb. There was nothing wrong with chaos cities. If there's nowhere to bind except for player holdings on the islands, that makes for a dumb game. If you want to do any end game content whatsoever you'll have to join a clan with a…
  • I just don't understand why people get so invested into games that aren't even released yet. They bitch and moan that it took 10 years for AV/razorswax's ideas to get released. Then they bitch and moan some more that huge gamesweeping hard-to-implem…
  • Anyone who says that the skilling up during the free weekend was still do much is seriously fucking retarded and needs to just stick with FPS games. The increases were insane. If they kept it at the pace, this game would take less time than any mmo …
  • First:   If you are a casual player and looking for something to just spend a little time on. I would go play some bf3 or mw3 or LoL. This game is definitely not meant for the casual player. The grind is not nearly as bad as people make it out…
  • Most people that played this weekend and had a few thousand of each reg maxed out their characters magic skills. It wasn't extremely fun to fight because the surging was so easy. I don't think presurges will be that big of a deal as people think aft…
  • I'm really looking forward to this game and can be as patient as Job.
  • It's out on consoles. Feb 8th is PC release date.
  • Because every game that has copied WoW's combat has been a great success. Aion, warhammer online, this rift that's coming out. Nothing can be a WoW killer when it takes their combat.   How do these pie charts know that a good sandbox wouldn't ma…
  • Darkfall.   It's kind of grindy but after a few months of play you will be able to complete in group pvp.   Gameplay is awesome.
  • The problem with the grind and starting out with the game is that you have some characters like the OP's who has 100 in every stat, 100 in several intensifies, 75+ in several melee schools, more surging spells in the game than not, because he spent …
  • Thank you for the response. It sounds like a very interesting system and I look forward to more updates.
  • Originally posted by Mr.Lumps Originally posted by Otoan I think people need to change their definition of 'hardcore'. hardcore don't complain about things like grind or people starting earlier than them. If people want FPS without having…
  • I think people need to change their definition of 'hardcore'. When you start at the very beginning of the game and always are ahead of the 'curve', exploiting bugs to maximize your bank and skills so that when the next patch comes out making everyth…