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  • Played a lot since getting back in a few days ago. I've only been on non-TLE servers, Halls of Fate and Antonia Bayle. It's still ok. Chats are active and there have been people running around the new player areas. Not like it was back in the day bu…
  • Now it feels like a game run by a confused developer that doesn't really like or care about the game they are making. Such a shame it's another game on the list with wasted potential. Still if you like Star Wars it might be worth subbing for a mont…
  • Mind Mage for interrupts, crowd control, boosts, and some healing. Time Lord for slows, stuns, maybe a hybrid assassin/mage kind of class. Beast Master that can handle more than 1 pet at a time and is not always a ranger.
  • Anybody have pics or vid of this? I've heard this "new engine" line before...
  • Get a company that doesn't do  lazy programming.. example, the Romulans are still just a cut and paste allied faction. If you go Fed, you get the same quests and dialogue a Fed character does. Go KDF and you get called an "honorable warrior" and tol…
  • Steam has horrible customer service because they know they are the only game in town. They are like a bunch of fat cats sitting in a dark room smoking cigars counting piles of money and laughing at complaints. Don't forget they also put that 'you ca…
  • Because MMO=Money Making Opportunities and there's the DRM thing. Convince everyone your game is an MMO, and they will have no problem registering somewhere to play the game. With non-MMOs there is usually a backlash.
  • Originally posted by Carnicide How did they make lvling harder? I was thinking of getting Gw2 and trying it, but the made the new experience a lot harder? Actually the game is insanely easy now. You don't have to worry about thinking anymore or fi…
  • hmm.. well since they just turned NGE... oops typo NPE into a grindy, kiddie game with Chinese browser game style, level locked content I can't level an alt for more than ten mins in game without getting bored to tears. And since I'm bored with my …
  • I've tried it many times. It's already been said but the combat system kills it everytime for me. Just watching red crosses and spreadsheets, boring. Also not a fan of the facebook style skill leveling. Nice eye candy, poor interface and gameplay (u…
  • Most of the time it's because after about 1-2 weeks of play, I get to a point where I realize the game is the same as almost every other mmorpg I've played over the past 10 years.
  • Originally posted by GwapoJosh Originally posted by Albatroes XIV is a part of it but probably only like quarter of it. Even if it was more, you can't say all companies should try to stick with subscriptions, because many do try, but they dont h…
  • Technically it is a game you role play in so yes, but it is completely different from the standard mmorpg formula because you don't quest or level up. That might be why people have a hard time seeing it as an mmorpg.  
  • So much neglected potential... Was fun tonight grabbing some last screenshots and seeing everybody. Fitting the servers crashed a couple of times in the last hour. Another addition to the Sony games graveyard.
  • So much for America "land of the free" eh? Make the game in Asia then. Plenty of other games based on far worse eras of human history, that glorify the 'bad guys.' Only reason lawyers file those kinds of lawsuits to cash in when the company caves i…
  • Yeah kinda figured as much.. I was also thinking along the lines of pioneer days and how a game with that theme done right would be epic. Kind of sad really. It's an era with a lot of untapped potential.
  • A company manipulating facebook likes to promote their web presence? No way.. shocking..  /sarcasm off Social media is a "marketing tool" for big business and companies will do whatever they want to manipulate you with it. Nothing new here, this ki…
  • Originally posted by DSWBeef I love both but High Fantasy has been done to death.... +1 I only picked steampunk because it's time for something new besides more elves, dwarfs, orcs, etc.    
  • Originally posted by Yamota So the big question, for me, is if the game is any good.  Is the GFX and aesthetics any good? Is the combat any fun? Is there a purpose to PvP? What is the end game? Is there an endgame? If not, what do you do, …