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  • I used to play RK but I hated the land tax system , I once put my chat to ' rest ' at the church cuz I needed to take break from the game and when I re logged later after 6 months I found that the county was still taking tax on my property which kep…
  • Originally posted by Hariken Originally posted by Muke Originally posted by Broomy I am so Sick of that griefers paradise called EVE Online.  Any other sandbox MMOs to try?  I am ready and able to try out a few.  Thanks for any tips! Sham…
  • You should try LOTRO , it has limited pvp and great deal of crafting. 
    in Crafting game Comment by Fehd May 2015
  • EVE Silent Hunter Online Therian Saga  FarCry4 TheCrew Looking forward for Naval Action : Age of Sail and maybe Elite Dangerous if goes f2p .
  • Me too wanted to know what changes the game got with recent release . I used to play from day 1 but stopped around 2011. Is it the same old game or did it got any better ?
  • The only naval/pirate theme MMO that I suggest would be Uncharted Waters Online ( UWO ) , there is Voyage centurey online but it is not worth it .
  • Oh I see , thx for the answer .
  • The only game am looking for now is Arche Age , should be out summer this year .
  • Yeah was good game before like 4 years but someone become greedy and made it p2w and people left off .
  • U can look at Path of Exile , it is in close beta now but u can pay 10$ for a key or apply for free 1 ,
  • If u get into some populated server than u might get some fun while playing with others in group missions but if u looking for something to pass time till GW2 then I wont recommend ToR , better find a f2p , ToR isn't worth the monthly sub .
  • If u don't mind browser based games then take a look at Battle Star Galatica online and there is also Black Prophecy . 
  • I vote for EvE , it has them all and the best part u don't have to grind mobs to collect res , u can simply buy raw mats from market and produce higher tier product , also it is skill based so u just need to buy and train skill(s) then off u go . 
  • Thanks for the info lastgunstar , I was most concern about pvp but since it is not open world pvp and it is instanced then she will be fine , now just need to look for where to dl the game from since we not using US IP .
    in Need Advice ! Comment by Fehd April 2012
  • Yeah I started playin and I understand how this multi class ability idea now , I guess I will take time to figure which combo abilities would work for me best .   Thanks Lithuanian , u have been very informative and I learned a lot from yr repli…
    in Need Advice ! Comment by Fehd April 2012
  • So If I roll as worrier to learn heavy armor then I will still be able to use it when I later switch to mage ? The reason I wont stay as worrier is am not big fan of close melee fighting style , I am more of range dps/heal play style .
    in Need Advice ! Comment by Fehd April 2012
  • If u don't mind spaceship theme game then go for EvE , it is skill based so no grind needing and can be very casual . I login in EvE for like 30 mins per day just do 1 or 2 missions and check on skill under training then log off , nothing more . Ofc…
  • 1 different fact u should know about UWO is that u can't avoid pvp if u want to sail to asia ports , u will have to sail through ' hoistle waters ' and there u risk getting attacked by players unlike BBO were u can avoid pvp if u keep trader char mi…
  • Try Golden Age , it has pvp but u don't yr castle or buildings , u do lose some troops in lost battle and then yr castle is ' occupied ' by the attacking player so he get % of what yr castle producing per hour .   Stronghold kingdom has pvp and …
  • Best game with solid economy I can think of is EvE , u can almost craft anything and it is skill based game so u don't have to reach max lvl to get yr hands on high end mats to craft stuff . U can make fortune if u know what to make and where to sel…