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  • Originally posted by Ergload Shameless plug for the city of Good. Ashtan and Mhaldor suck! They always try to raid us and get killed over and over but they keep comin' back.   Join Shallam! Talk about gluttons for punishment! ;v) LOL  
  • Oh gee and if you actually go to the site it even says The Return of KAROS! ;v)
  • Originally posted by GTwander Originally posted by Phry Originally posted by Caldrin well looking at the silly kiddy cartoon art ill not even be looking at this LOL its aimed at 8 yr olds, so the cartoons are probably relevant. I…
  • That one on the right looks like a Hershey's kiss! ;v)
  • Ever thought about EveryQuest II? ;v) I know what you're thinking, it's P2P. But I'm a handicapper that lives off of what the government gives me so if I can afford it so can you! ;v) And besides, you'll have a level 87 conjuror the help you out! ;v…
  • I tried this game for about a couple of weeks then all of a sudden I realized something, I'm a slave to my pet! I thought, well I don't need this and left!
  • Originally posted by ctanner Actually a support guy helped me out and finally got it to work.  Thanks to the great support I was able to get my character to level 10 before siging off for the night  Well O Wise One would you care to elaborate …
  • I think he's just whinning about the fact that he's too lazy to keep his drivers up to date and because of that fact he doesn't have the wherewithall for this game. IMHO
  • When they say KFC do they mean Kentucky Fried Chicken?!
    in KFC Comment by Fennyariel October 2010
  • Originally posted by cutiecheska Pros and cons of the different races... Accretia They have the best tank warriors in rf online. skill that greatly increases block rate, potion potency, high HP, and DEF. Downside is that they are really slow unle…
  • I just tried clicking that link and it's busted. Could you please put up one that actually works? I've been wanting to try this game for the longest time.
  • [quote]1 camera is only overview and way too close for my confort.[/quote] Are you closterphobic? And in case you didn't know that's the fear of being in small spaces.
  • I'm not that creative. I need to be told. Please tell me?
  • Originally posted by Euphoryk Originally posted by Rokurgepta As free to play players you get access to about 80 of the 323 quests in game. Eventually you will earn Turbine points during play to buy some of these but if you want them all it wil…