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  • Me three. Someone else showed me that someone brought it back up. I was like "ugh" I didn't even make this thread in the first place =p _______________________________ http://www.aspereta.com
  • Yeah Kuzzle the helms jump around and need some work to fit the hair better we had to change it so that when you equip a helm your hair switches to one that fits the helms better. We don't know if its on my side of because of the programming. I redi…
  • It uses more layers than most 2d mmorpgs. Baram has like 5 layers Aspereta has like 10-12We are recoding the client to speed it up for Gold. To the other guy: "omfg runescape looks better" Why because its 2d? hmmm? I made 90% of those graphic…
  • Wish I could say caffeine like the rest of you all but I can't have it ;_; I like Doritos, grape juice, pickles (haha Im a freak ...), gummies of any kind mmmm mmm damnit I love food >.< I blame you all for making me hungry =P   ____________…
  • Allright I'm going to use the analogy I usually use when reffering to why you shouldn't be allowed to master more than one or two tradeskills:  In most cases for games you're either really good at graphics..or really good at programming because th…
  • I loved Talesweaver ..wish they'd translate and bring it over here..the interface is already in english anyways :P _______________________________ http://www.aspereta.com
  • Do you want a 3D or 2D one? _______________________________ http://www.aspereta.com
  • Damn sorry I didn't see this sooner...I hate intel products especially celeron..AMDs benchmark tests have proved they actually get closer to the speed they are overclocked for more so than pentiums or celerons. Only problem with AMDs is they overhea…
  • I wish I could read korean lol I understand a few characters but thats it ;_;  you might like this site if you can read korean : www.nexon.com I know some other games that are korean too _______________________________ http://www.aspereta.com
  • I agree games focus too much on the combat in the game...but to make it mostly exploration would be tipping the scale for a smaller market..there's a bigger market for hack and slash. I think if you created more of an equal balance that would be nic…
  • Why have us on staff when they can watch me and Misti talk in the forums lol :P I'm sure if they needed more staff they could easily find some girls (thanks for that info misti ) _______________________________ http://www.aspereta.com
  • Squee I'm basing the ratio on what I've seen on my game along with reasearch done by game magazines and The daedalus project  ( http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/) Half life is ONE game. As for gender bending in games its been proven that men play fem…
  • I played monster and me ...not a bad game but its not worth the amount of HD it takes up :P _______________________________ http://www.aspereta.com
  • Hahaha..I don't think they don't have one because of sexism :P Even though the game world has expanded rapidly to females over the last few years there still is a huge ratio of men to women in the gaming world. Even on my game we have around 800 peo…
  • How can we vote on if we want to play without screens or more in depth information O.o _______________________________ http://www.aspereta.com
  • By old school graphics do you mean old school 3D or 2d in general? _______________________________ http://www.aspereta.com
  • Originally posted by Odin1985     oh and a roleplay game well then go and play a text game, most 3d or 2d gams don´t need to have the   *get in place and kick in the but* you don´t need that cuz the player does the action   They shouldn't cal…