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  • Originally posted by Nizur Nice! Although the white text on light gray background was a bit challenging to read. It would be great to see more events like this happening in Agon. Anything to draw more people in and keep them interested would be gr…
  • Originally posted by Tdo after serverals try to download the beta client i finaly have given up this beta test for good. after 7 hours of downloading the client i ended up with an 1gig broken file ,i am sitting on a Optical Fiber line 20/20mbit an…
  • I got the key and downloaded the game but never could play it, it just did not work, my PC can run demading games but I am now thinking that my computer definitely is too good to run a game many people say is a failure in graphic design.
  • Originally posted by Badaboom The haters do have a point though.  If you hated this game before, the expansion is not going to change your mind into liking it.   I love Darkfall just the way it is and think that it could just use a few minor twe…
  • Originally posted by Badaboom Originally posted by patshir Originally posted by Ruckup It isn't AMAZING it is still just the same ole shit.  Nothing of value was added  This guy have a point. Just read the patch notes, is the…
  • Originally posted by busdriver Originally posted by patshir Time was the worst enemy of the game, I am currently playing runescape and although perhaps it is not a good comparison point, one of the things I like of the game is the fact I can log …
  • Originally posted by Blindchance Originally posted by MaGicBush That said, it is possible within 2-3  month's to be competitive only if you use macros or AFK skill gains. It's really not hard to look back to when DF had close to 180k subs…
  • Originally posted by xpiher Originally posted by Arquiteto Originally posted by Sid_Vicious Originally posted by NyQuil81 Let me preface this post with a very blatant disclaimer: I know that the condition about to be se…
  • Originally posted by rwittmaack I'm sorry, but the content of the expac is a joke. They worked their asses off for nothing because the effort totally went into the wrong direction. The expac is expectedly disappointing. It is the same I think o…
  • Originally posted by Lumanil Read the patchnotes and enjoy. http://forums.darkfallonline.com/showthread.php?p=4545497#post4545497   It has some much appreciated changes and will hopefully bring back lots of people, who quit the game. No o…
  • Originally posted by Ruckup It isn't AMAZING it is still just the same ole shit.  Nothing of value was added  This guy have a point. Just read the patch notes, is there something we can call new or innovative? 
  • Originally posted by xBludx The expansion coming up (Darkfall 2010) supposedly in Q4 will show how aware AV is and how much they care about retaining new subs. There needs to be way people who are not that good at pvp (for whatever reason) can survi…
  • Originally posted by oTinyo Originally posted by chryses ...If I think about it.  If you put this model on EvE, it would be like dropping a new / trial player into a 0.0 zone and telling them to get on with it.  FFA type games only work whe…
  • Addicting game, nice one you should give it a try.
  • I received a beta key, downloaded the game and never could make it work and don't blame my PC because I has run more demanding games so if you know how to make it run please tell me.
  • At least you had the opportunity to test it, I donwloaded the 1gb client and installed it but it can't run and my computer is good enough to run heavy graphics games so I don't know what is happening. 
  • Originally posted by Cecropia Originally posted by Xerith I used these videos when I first started. Helped me get through a lot of the game at a fairly quick pace from the start. I'm starting to miss Darkfall as of late, may have to return an…
  • Guys do you know of any epic failure of an highly expected game offered for pre-order and then closing after a month or so?
  • The game seems to have a lot of customization, so just create a blue colored ring bearer that shoots blue beams and ready
  • You indeed have invested some time doing some research and all these ideas would give more life to the game, I hope AV sees this.