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  • I played for 4 years, 98-02.  Am I a tourist? haha
  • I have advocated the Skill based system over the class based system since the dawn of EverCrap. You can not beat the customizability, freedom and replay ability of the skill based system. Garrett's reasoning for the class based system is completel…
  • Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Fantasy as we know it and greek mythology are not similar. The people of greece believed in the greek gods and it was their religion. Fantasy was never anyones religion. There for greek mythology can't be looked a…
  • I thought the game was vaporware when I first came upon it a couple years ago. After just seeing these screenshots with all the characters and polished graphics it looks like it is really pulling togther now. I hope it's as fun as it looks. Sadly…
  • I though Ultima X: Odyssey was going to abe a remake of Ultima Online in true 3D with graphics to rival SWG and EQ2. Alas it wasn't, it was just another half-baked succesor to UO that got cancelled. I think they should remake UO in true 3D and mak…
  • I totally agree. I want to see heads getting lopped off and arms and legs chopped clean through. Why all these candy-arse approaches? UO had to be the most gory so far, letting you chop people up into pieces and take their head for a bounty rewar…
  • Ultima Online remains the greatest MMOG of all time. Subscription numbers do not prove a games quality. You can not equate a game's subscription base to the quality of the game. Ultima Online is to the MMOG genre what The Godfather is to movies. …
  • Two words, Ultima Online. The whole time I'm reading your article I'm thinking, Ultima had that, Ultima had that. Ultima had all the things you described, albeit some in limited fashion because of technological limitations of the day it was create…
  • It really doesn't matter to me either way if UX:O got made, as soon as I found out it wasn't going to be UO2 ressurected I gave EA the finger    for being mentally retarded .  So now they've made two half baked Online Ultima projects, wasted all tha…