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  • I got about 23FPS in 1400x900 on my 5770 Viper-X.  Which is what I expected. I guess the top end 5870 which costs almost 3 times as much as the 5770 (which is just a mid range card) would be closer to 50FPS. AvP2 is out in a few weeks that featu…
  • I look forward to the Starcraft 2 boycott... "no LAN!... bwaaaah!" "split into 3 larger games... bwaaaah!" we all know every one will be playing it and those that pirate it will no doubt go out and buy it the next day to enjoy the best best darn RTS…
  • WoW has always had great music, would even say the best for an MMO, I loved the 6 tracks added in 3.2 Its even better if you've played WC3... its a seamless continuation into WoW.
  • Reminds me of the StarTrek trailer.  I'll give it a miss I cannot get into single player RPG's any more.
  • I say continue with WoW or quit now until cataclysm and start a new toon. WoW is the best of the 3 with all things considered but WoW is top heavy (just like Lotro and AoC) until you get to level 69 and you can hit Northrend the game outside of th…
  • You all could of been hacked months and months ago, at a time you were playing WoW, the hackers were just waiting for the accounts to become inactive for a while... it would be useless to try and take control of an active account. As to how they g…
  • Originally posted by Wowrogue Blizzard took 2 $1.00 charges out of my charge card today after I canceled my account today for weeks of: Additional Instances cannot be launched, please try again later. Additional Instances cannot be launched, ple…
  • Originally posted by tro44_1 Originally posted by rmeyer Originally posted by EricDanie Did you really not know that on Cataclysm you'll have a cross-server LFG system for instances? I can see random groups happening even more often now, espe…
  • Originally posted by googajoob7 When i first read the details about this expansion i was initially quite excited by it . But when some ingame friends said its really nothing more than Blizzard doing a Caverns of time to the entire game world . I …