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  • You might want to look at Albion Online it is live very close to maple story end game is PvP though has arena similar to WoW more like Ultima Online. No quests ,no classes lots of crafting everything is player crafted not f2p not p2w it is b2p you d…
  • It is not just me i have run the challenging mode of falcon lost over 300 times not once has any group been able to get past wave 11 that is hundreds of players. Making it that hard bottlenecks the game where best skilled players only get the loot s…
  • The bugs seem to be getting worse on the pc today my 4 pcs tact suit ability was not working at all ,same goes for ammo bag was not filling any clips on any weapons,defibrillator not working, revive bag not working either and they wonder why players…
  • also incursion drops i keep getting the same item over and over and over again. Darkzone not a single gear set piece drop since last patch i have cleared the entire zone over and over and over again.
  • Not so sure that it is working correctly i think it is bugged since last patch after running 300 challenging missions not a single drop of a gear set matter of fact i keep getting the same item over and over and over again i think rng is broken.
  • What is killing the game is bugs and exploits and darkzone mechanics , the darkzone system is boring and tedious you have to mow down over 3000 mobs to buy 1 blueprint for every death you loose thousands multiple deaths and that 3000 turns into 5000…
  • Sounds nice but if Massive/Ubisoft can't get simple dailies working the game is doomed to failure again dailies failed to reset this weekend how many times is that 4.  
  • I have ran 400 challenging missions and have yet to see a set part drop i get the same high end crap over and over again, have killed close to a thousand mobs in the dark zone and have not got any set pieces i have about 210 scavenging.  
  • Ubisoft/Massive really need to fix grouping it is killing the game cue up for a group on a mission get there mission won't start, sometimes it takes half an hour of quitting groups and joining a new one and you get get the mission working. Then ther…
  • No mixed group tank ,medic,dps with CC still after 100 runs on random group still have not finished it got very close a few times but that last part seems too tough.
  • The named gear has horrible stats so much so they don't even stack up to blues while costing a huge amount of dz credits and having fixed talents they are not even worth equipping. So now the best gear in game is from crafting yet ubisoft wants play…
  • It was till it was broken , have some inside info on the broken dailies they were hard coded to shut off the devs knew this and said nothing also they don't intend to give us anything for it not working and will only be fixed during the new patch up…
  • Hmm seems they need better email servers tried making an account 13 hrs ago still no verification e-mail. Also they don't seem to have any customer service this company seems too small to handle a game with this much population.
  • I played around with the AoS benchmark the performance increase from dx11 to dx12 was dramatic the developers need to adopt dx12 is already out for unreal 4 engine. http://www.guru3d.com/files-get/unreal-engine-4-elemental-tech-demo-download,1.html
  • ARK is already using DX12 on the unreal 4 engine it really made a difference from dx11 for me it was 40% i was surprised at the performance increase in shaders and render time overall look much better.
  • I really don't like new final fantasy i liked FF7 much better and enchanted arms turn based team tactical combat have been waiting years for another they should make more of that type of game.
  • Ark: Survival Evolved More of fps survival game you can put up a server and play with friend ,there are online servers and solo offline play as well. It is pretty sandboxy ,graphics are great check some reviews.
  • How about age of wushu it is really different from other mmo you can spend most of your time doing whatever you want as far as playing with a friend it allows you do to tougher quests as you can set the difficulty.
  • It is more then $2 most games are free to play pay2win cash shops i bought $80 worth of daybreak cash my credit card got charged $120. $80 does not go very far in game so if keep buying this every few months it's not worth it anymore, besides Canada…
  • There is no substance in the game i was hoping for a star wars battlefront similar to Planetside 2, but after trying the beta i will not even bother playing it nothing more than alpha battlefield with starwars skins and sounds.