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  •   Atlantica online is pretty much free, any cash shop item can usually be bought on on the market but you will need to grind a lot get the money, like all cash shops the items can  help you play faster but are not needed.  I think the game did a gr…
  • If you buy a lifetime sub before playing the game for at least 6 months then you get what you deserve, imo.
  • I means by boxes with an insanely altered return rate (not in your favor) then you might get a new mount marginally better than the other mount you got from the boxes with the the same altered return rate.
  • 90% of of the friends I had at day one through my 4 years of playing have either quit or found alts and don't want to be known.  Looking at warcrafter tells me most of them don't play their mains anymore so MANY abandoned their highest level well ge…
  • You don't out grow them, you just have to adapt.  I was a 3 year vet of EQ when WoW came out.  EQ was great for the pencil and paper players but turned to raiding instead of grouping, socializing, and exploring so a lot tried WoW.  I played WoW for …
  • I will try it for the third time when the xpac comes out.  I ran out of quests in the 40's the last time.  Other than the lack of quests and the jerk GMs it was a great game.
  • Been wow free for a year and a half, when I need a fall back game I go back to EQ1.  The game just got boring for me.
  • I played the game to level 103.  It is a very different (in a good way) game and the quest line does a GREAT job introducing you to how to play the game and use it's features I wish more games would do this.  The game also has great ideas like donat…
  • LOL I check the ticket number I submitted last night about the problem and it "doesn't exist".
  • First 178 kills erased, then the server went down again and erased 89 kills.  Not a word from Ndoors, they can keep their game I am done with it.  4 hours, 3 blessing potions,  300 crafted food, countless crafted arrows, bullets and beast summons.  …
  • Not to mention the lost 2X exp time, people losing out on the 1hr timer in Santa's Village, and this is PvP day with bets and matches going on.
  • Originally posted by astrob0y {mod edit}     and its quite annoying that the server is down, and I can guess that its even more annyoing if you have spent some money on the game for no good.   Yes I have lost a lot of gold spent on tryi…
  • I spent Tons a hard earned in game gold on blessing potions, ammo, and food to try to complete a "kill 200" quest.  I was at 178 the first time the server went down and reset the kill count to 0, then I got back to 88 kills and down it goes again, k…
  • http://img66.imageshack.us/i/rukky.jpg/
    in AoC GM's Comment by ULQQKED July 2009
  • I only took one of the petition, after the response I didn't care because I won't be back to this game, if you want to make sure I was Rukky on The Set server.    Bash me if you want because this is the last time I post or read the boards on this fa…
    in AoC GM's Comment by ULQQKED July 2009
  • I shouldn't have said  a new game, let me clear that up first because I'm an EQ vet.  1g IS a big deal when staring up and yes I will have fun in EQ again, in-fact I did so for 4 hours tonight.
    in AoC GM's Comment by ULQQKED July 2009
  • Originally posted by zymurgeist I'm sure they find your tears delicious. Congratulations for rewarding them for their asshattery in exactly the way that pleases them the most. Did you also send them the hate messages in game that please them so m…
  • Originally posted by Guillermo197 Originally posted by ULQQKED They all have them, but normally the game ignores them but in this game the GM's support them.    Ahh come on that's bull! And you know it. All the OP had to do is ask any …
  • BTW the toons were Wulfn and Xylton from the guild Eternal Dagoth on the Set server and I have screen shots of it all.
  • They all have them, but normally the game ignores them but in this game the GM's support them.