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  • I should check back here more often. My character was Auvoira of the awesome House of the Warlocks in Ashtan. She was daughter to the hero, Captain Helric , student of Askiva the Red Raven, and Ambassador's Aide to the Great City of Ashtan. My nem…
  • I am glad to see Achaea listed here finally. This was the game that got me into this crazy stuff. Even though I left it a long time ago (it had become too time intensive for my constantly shrinking play schedule) I still have fond memories of being …
  • Go. RIFT!!! Awesome list.
  • I am loving the new content, but I am a solo player. At least I have a reason to grind now with planar attunment and a bright new place to do it.
  • Someone has already proposed this I suppose, but how about giving us a MMORPG checklist for Beta test that we can reflect here once the specific NDA has dropped. A standard for all. Just saying...
  • Nicely done. Glad I read it.
  • This is my second response to this post but why not. AION, first time i entered the Abyss. My real life fear of hights almost translated into a virtual one. Talk about breathtaking! I was afaid that this portion of the game, which is most of the…
  • RIFT, I think it was during the last open beta,. There were about a dozen fire armies just milling about outside of a coastal stonghold, killing other mobs but not attacking the hold or the mass of gathering players. I had never seen so many bad guy…
  • I have never been able to maintain an alt. My first character, even in games I have Beta-ed, has always been all that I have time for in whatever game i am playing. I only hope that I can keep my RIFT Beta babe when the game launches. Are you re…
  • Eventually the invasion thing might get old (it has not for me yet).  Running across the countryside with twenty to fifty other players battle the next rift is an awesome thrill that I have not experienced in any other game. Now there is something e…
  • I just finished  Beta 5. Died more times than I can count. It was just awesome. After one frenetic spate of following dozens of other players from one invasion to the next, I discovered that I had leveled twice, 20 to 22, without even noticing. My…
  • I was all prepped to do an all-nighter yesterday and suffer at work today. Now i can bash all night and not risk losing my job. YAY! BTW This game absolutely rocks!
  • This is also a weekday beta. Some of us have to go to work.   -whimper-  
  • I enjoyed the second beta, even though my ancient computer had me hobbling about at 2-3 frames per second at the reduced rendered graphics. My Mage/Pyromancer only made it to 9th level in about ten hours of play. Yes, there is not much original he…
  • I want a Cosmo-Knight with Giga Damage Capacity!!! Rifts was always fun. Silly rules, but easy to tweak and play.
  • I am up for renewal soon and will use Paypal again, hopefully. Still loving this game, though there seems to be more goldfarmers than players on my server.
  • You guys rock!!! I just got my box in the mail and it looks gorgeous. Cannot wait to spread my wings. Thanks. p.s. I never win anything, so this make it just doubly cool.
  • Wow. This could be a sign of things to come: Step from one game into another game while earning experience in both for a specific character, all these virtual realities become more cooperative than otherwise under a novel business model. More like…
  • Not fixed. No US credit cards or Pay Pal without intervention from Support. This has me looking for another game, though I love the tactical combat in Dofus. Combat in most other games is a bore for me. I hope they fix this soon or someone can poi…