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  • I will buy  it, as usual, but with each expansion the time I stick around after blowing through the content gets shorter and shorter
  • try project: gorgon.  the crafting is very good there.  some skills are a little more grindy than others, but even for an alpha, it very fun.  and there will be no wipes when release comes. Oh and it's a pve game
  • A Buffy/Angel one.  I always thought the whole modern world but living among demons, vamps, other dimensions, etc. would have made a cool MMO, especially if you could play good or evil.
  • I think this whole article is just this sites way of rectifying that over-generous pandering re-review of STO they did not too long ago.  I can see the staff being mad and embarrassed over having to put out an obviously fluff review like that.  Mayb…
  • Meh, all I see in this thread are more Beta Warriors who will never spend a penny on this or any other game.  You try it, you hype it and by the time it goes live you're already on to the next beta like a swarm of locusts.  I'll wager not one of you…
  • It's like backwards evolution.  We were bipedal apes, now slowly reverting back into tadpoles.  Look at the complexity and depth of SWG, Anarchy Online and EQ, just to pick 3, and compare them to the 3 'biggest' releases of the last year-- STO, CO a…
  • People will take breaks to play it, sure.  I know I will.  But it doesn't have the content of a full fledged MMO and can't compete for that long.  Most likely it'll end up like D2, where you decide to play for a while when the mood strikes.  Then yo…
  • Yes, completely resets.  Which I hated.  Imagine playing WoW, and that it had enough content to take you lvl 200, and then after gettting all the way there, the second someone kills the final raid boss, everything resets and you lose every minute yo…
  • Value?  Good lord...  Are you aware that you're reviewing a MMO and not a single player game?  You say it's a good value that for the month it takes you to get through the content, it won't cost y much.  So the value is saving on a subscription?  Al…
  • I like how the general consensus of people who want jumping in their games are just button mashing spazzes.  But the reason I don't like games that don't have jumping or swimming is because it shows me the developers are either lazy or cheap.  If yo…
  • It's a decent enough game.  Lots of places to explore.  The wide range of crafting is nice as well.  That is until you realize that every tier is the same as the one before it.  That's one of those things I don't get about crafting heavy games.  If …