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  • This game is definately fun and very addicting. Onslught mode is just great.   So I have tried to take some screenshots...its not working. How do you do that???    
    in Ut2004.... Comment by flootie March 2004
  • I can't wait for Harry either..but thats earlier in June!!!  
  • One more: From the recent screenshot of swimming. Can you please explain what the level of underwater content will be. Will there be combat, etc.?
  • Me too in terms of not know..i am a moron level now..maybe we should ask in that AQ thread for the IRC thing whats the dealio with underwater swimming and combat.
  • Oh great!!! Thats nice to know that you are going to be there Zohar.    Two kinda just general questions about the game that I have gleened from some of the reading: Can you put a quest on pause, like can you resume a quest during the middle …
  • Oh thanks...and no..I don't really count that Driver 2 thing either...nor do I even really consider the one week thing that big of a change.  
  • I know that I know a lot of things about UXO..but I must have missed over the reading of intelligent items....can you explain what they are ?????
  • What do you mean again..I think that this is the first time that they changed the date???    
  • I think that I can safely say that if I came walking through a forest and came across that 100 foot tall beast that I might run the other way...thank God I wil have friends with me!!!   Thanks for that link. The site updates are great today.  …
  • Sorry...didn't mean to scare you...arxon...just that you were talking about screenshots and all so i thought i would give you some more!!!   I really like all the shots htey have at IGN and Ogaming
  • Just for a little more info...here is a screenshot of the shopkeeper interface
  • You mean like the earlier animations that we got..   also have you checked out the all race wall paper..screenshots of them all!! But I really like the phoda the best i think...whats your fav?
  • Or I will just be a dork and post it here for ya'll!! You should totally go sign up!   Hail Adventurer, The online world of Alucinor is shaping up quite nicely, and we can't wait to unveil the ultimate adventure to you! In the past month, …
  • Schnikees...I think that my argument stands solid..compared to other recent MMOs the ammount of information that they have put out about specific game information is HUGE. That and the interactiong of the Devs in boards...I feel like I know a lot ab…
  • Right now I am working on some single player RPGs. In seven months plan to be playing UXO. IN fact althou8gh I did not win the beta contest, I do hope that I will be playing beta before too long!!
  • Though it is not live yet..this looks like where it will be..   and CONGRATS!!   http://www.uxo.ea.com/betareg.html
  • To be quite honest, Yordo..I am really not too concerned about shopkeepers taking away from the game...albeit it a very important and intersting part of the game..imbued weapons compaitively will not be affected by such a large trade with vendors...…
  • EFX..your kidding right..while I do agree with you on Point Number 1..have you gone to uxo.ea.com..they pretty much release a boat load of new info about the game weekly and the developers are VERY active on boards and often tell whats coming etc...…
  • Yup. Definately Duel Wielding as already said. Here is Calandryl saying so at UXOO.com: "Yes, you can dual wield. Pretty sure we have special ablities for dual wielders too." http://www.uxoo.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?p=1097&highlight=duel+wie…
  • It is one of the best by far that I have seen. I am thinking that they are obviously bad guys fighting the good buys. But seriously...lets take some stabs at who we think they are...also wanted to add, the red in the windows is eerie and makes me cu…