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  • Originally posted by dorobu If you want to play in complete instancing, why not just save your money and play NWN over the internet with no monthly fee or over a LAN? I really don't get the whole instancing thing, unless you're not charging monthly …
  • the way it should be done in any game, ban botters and cheaters, no excuses
  • Good to hear there'll be another beta, I'll try it then and check out the grind
  • Originally posted by grimboj Originally posted by MalleusManus What if players were presented a mini-game in which they would farm a parcel of land? This parcel of land would take three game months (ie: a very long time IRL) to produce a crop If t…
  • Looks mighty sweet, but with some serious issues to it (mentioned above). I will wait till the next version comes, then try it out. 7.1 for a 2D sprite MMO, not bad at all so it seems .
  • There's a nice discussion about it going on at the official forums about this, I learned a lot from it http://community.codemasters.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66089
  • Hmmm, I think there's this game, where you get 5 minutes to shoot the opposite team, if that's done, you get another 5 minutes, and then again, and again... I can't remember what it was called, but it was something with terrorists and counters or so…
  • Weird thing is though, most people will play a character in fantasy MMOs which will resemble humans, either humans or elves are always preferred . If I play something, I wonna be something else then I already am IRL (ok an elf is still something di…
  • Cool, gonna try out these both, maybe the trials can convince me .
  • It WAS in the top 6 of highest hyped mmorpgs, look at it now since beta started... I don't get it why they ask a monthly fee for a game that's instanced even more then GW is... Judging from most reviews here, I'll just skip it.
  • Sounds interesting Cleffy, maybe I do have to check this one out (been too busy checking out RFonline )
  • There are skills you need to level, also xp for plain levelling which is not the most important part of the game. You can get yourself stuck if you level the wrong way (powerlvling). It's comparable to any other click&slash game afaik . You will…
  • No payment methods have been officialy confirmed yet, let's hope they work out something like those gamecards indeed .
  • AMD for games, P4 for video editing, since you want to game, go for AMD imo . Got myself an AMD 64 Venice 3500+, runs smoothly I must say . It's just better bang for your buck.
  • Voted yes, the more people, the more fun . If I were CM I wouldn't pass by such an opportunity to make extra cash... While giving more players the option to play your games.
  • So far it is officialy licensed in EU, US and UK. On their forums they were saying that they will IP ban countries which already have another license for RFO (kRFO, phRFO). In the end, you can always have it shipped I guess , they didn't mention any…
  • Zzeno said in the article of the interview here that it will be between 5-20% loss when you die in PvE. On the forums they say to have never witnessed a 20% loss (which would be major time in high lvls). There is no lvl loss and indeed the rank poin…
  • Yeh, such a simple feature, which adds a lot to so-called freedom of your character though. In lineage 2 you felt free, you could end up in the ocean, jump over all kinds of stuff... It uses the same engine anyway, I wonder why they left it out. Bei…
  • I want the future, today . Interesting article on diamond wafers, never knew about that. In 2010 all games will have superb graphics and crap gameplay, seems to be the trend, and I'm afraid it will continue. No saying that there aren't any games lef…
  • Play.com sends out keys weekly, on a thursday I read somewhere, but you won't be able to use it untill phase 3 of the beta actually starts which will be a couple of weeks normally (no date has been planned, not even for the first phase, so don't bot…
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