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  • Originally posted by weg886 Go to tigerdirect there the fastest and best prices you will ever see  i order all the time off them you will get your stuff in 3 days ! And  i build mine from tigerdirect there the stuff man! Tigerdirect is a big s…
  • None will, because none will be DAoC. You just have to let go and move on really. And some how I think your accusations of WAR is a bit heavy.
  • While I do not agree with you completly, I do agree that it is turning into a big marketing ploy.
  • If this is even a real offer, more info would be nice.
  • Originally posted by cornoffcob wow where can i get this Redundancy game???? sounds like it'll be a blast You should check out progress quest its a action packed mmo that has kept me playing I am up to level 61 right now, and play 24/7.
  • Originally posted by Puoltry Originally posted by skitzdout Im all for EnB opening up it's doors again. would love it actually. was my first beta and i think out of all the betas i have done since then EnB was the best and most time consuming. eas…
  • For all of you that have not figured it out yet. Oblivion is lacking in content so modders can do their magic. There are tons of items in the game like the paint supplies that are there for modders to use. The world, oh god, what the game uses is on…
  • Looks like you need one of them how to sites my friend, try http://wiki.ehow.com/Category:Teen-Life
  • [quote]Originally posted by APEist [b] problem with this post is that you really didnt think it out too much. if a game has worthwhile content, and provides "capped" players with enough to do (or worry about), then noobs will be the last thing on th…
  • Originally posted by jakoblin after i fisnish filling out form when i make a new account i click on button submit I GET A 404 PGAE Maybe if you did not notice there are tons of people trying to get in at once. The web servers are just being …
  • Originally posted by anarchyart Sorry LadyTyger, this might sound stupid, but what does ASL stand for? I do hope your kidding, but incase your not, it stands for Age, Sex, and Location. This can also be known as A/S/L.
  • Originally posted by daniellex55 Hey ladies, I'm a girl gamer and of course- I find myself in a world of males. I'd say at least once a day I either question my self, or get questioned by my male counterparts about WHY I'm a girl gamer. For the reco…
  • I would guess it depends on who gives them stuff and if theres no stuff there cant be a contest =/
  • I saw the armor, and it looks way to gawdy. Penny Arcade also sums up the rest of the patch nice
  • No offence, but three posts and two are in this thread. And the website.... [quote="the site"]GRAPHICS The graphics of the game are going to be remarkable. It will run in fullscreen, and will create hyper-realistic gameplay (Look in the gallery fo…
  • From what I understand is that the owner of mmoradio could not pay the server costs. Now a new company 'bought' it and runs it now. I asked to run the servers for them becouse at the time I was an avid listener. But after that I have no idea what ha…
    in MMoradio Comment by Hibame November 2005
  • Meh, find me a girl that plays video games and watches anime and is able to have intelligent conversations; I would be sold instantly.
  • $5 says she wasent talking about you.
    in Finally.. Comment by Hibame October 2005
  • wow these forums fucking blow, I make a huge post and hit post and it doesnt post, wtf this isnt the first time this has happened either. FFS now im pissed here: http://www.erikadoor.com/cosplay/rikku1.jpg http://www.erikadoor.com/cosplay/rikku2.j…
  • Originally posted by Grunch Maybe its easier when you have the same background for the entire game? Also the other mmorpgs I would consider massive just not as massive as EVE server player base. I would play EVE if it didnt suck so much. I couldnt …