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  • Originally posted by arcdevil  its tremendously outdated, most of the skill %s if not all have changed several times thru the beta   Currently it's accurate.
  • Tank Assault is win.
  • Originally posted by ponerr This game is just too demanding of time on its core base... Noone can achieve this level of play daily.   So does that mean it's an MMO now?
  • When you're looking at the Hex map, you don't think to yourself. Fuck those ten guys are taking all those hexes! You say fuck those 300 or so guy are taking all this land and still can defend shit when we attack them.   Just because you can't se…
  • Originally posted by scabbedangel Although I'll be holding off on GA until I see an oceanic server pop up.   It's all going to be on one server.
  • Well sort of.   You can be just one dude. You don't have to be in an agency to get some fun out of it. You can just jump on whenever and join the match-made PvP/PvE. You'll still be working with a group of people.
  • It takes a few levels for the Assault to come into his own. By level 20 you'd be pretty well off.  
    in Assult... Comment by Zukan January 2010
  • Yup, standard high quality in-game voice is already in.
  • As far as I know the only places you can pre-order are from the HR website it self, steam, or amazon.com... both of which require you to pay in full. I imagne HR didn't want people doing exactly what you're trying to do.
    in Open Beta? Comment by Zukan January 2010
  • The reason it's unlikely you'll get to beta without pre-ordering is because there is a limited number of spots open for it... and they're getting more Pre-Orders than they thought.
  • There is more strategy involved than a simple fragfest.
  • Originally posted by karat76 Well if it is in first person I will make sure to avoid it. I truly do not like first person games at all.   You play in third person view, not sure if it's the view you dislike or the over all game play type... …
  • Bravnik, I read "I simply don't care for repetitive games with no point."  then I read "I played Everquest" and then I stopped reading because you canceled yourself out.
  • Originally posted by Sevensodd Originally posted by sonoggi Originally posted by Sevensodd Yeah, thats kind of disappointing.  I was hoping for at LEAST hellgate type weapons.  Maybe rare/unique type weapons.   ah, but this isn't customi…
  • Originally posted by TUX426 Originally posted by tbox     "it looks like they nailed it."    I think the NDA is still in effect so I cannot  go into details about my time with GA.  I will say, I voted No on the poll, I will not be purchasing t…
  • Originally posted by tank017 Originally posted by Rayx0r Originally posted by Nymandus GA looks great and I am definately giving it a try as soon as it comes out or I get a beta invite, however as an EX-diehard PS fan I gotta say 10v10 vs 150…
  • If you're looking for a massive battlefield type game like that, Global Agenda probably isn't for you. It's no Planet Side 2 and does not try to be.   I personally enjoy the level of teamwork required. It far surpasses any other game I've played.
    in Skeptic.. Comment by Zukan December 2009
  • Originally posted by Grushdeva I'm curious, is there any difference between the Special Edition game and the regular steam download, other than the actual box, art work booklet, and poster?   It's the same game, you just get extra goodies wi…
  • Originally posted by epicor  Noway, real shooter players dont need 'aim assist'. Also STO looks meh.  Wouldn't say terrible.   I agree with Epicor. Console shooter is fail. I was sort of peeved when I noticed my sniper started assisting me w…
  • Leveling up is pretty quick, it's suppose to take 30 hours to hit max. What it allows you to do is have acess to more weapons. A higher level will have an advantage over a lower level because he has the ability to be more versital, but a lower level…
    in Questions Comment by Zukan November 2009