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  • Argos is -by far- the most populated, then Macedon.
  • Based on the amount of popups, this box is a real success. Rich players can get their Druid, complete their clothes/mounts book "easily", Other players have more possibilities to buy these items with their in-game gold, Ndoors is making a lot of mo…
  • AO is particular as you're playing 9 characters at the same time, so it's harder to build a clear interface. Ndoors improved it a bit since the beta (more colors, inventory filtering, better fonts), but the interface still is a mess.
  • Originally posted by ElykDraw While I enjoyed the game, it became thoroughly frustrating to have your strategy ruined at random with nerf bats.  Have things become more stable?  I don't mind meta games in the community, I'm just wondering about deve…
  • About the "friendly" aspect, I had the same feeling when I started the game, but realized later it was pretty artificial. Indeed, the large majority of players who give gifts and "offer" to be a mentor don't do it because they are friendly, but to o…
  • There are no requirement for these items, purely for the appearance and the fun: - Santa Hat - Rudolph Antlers Hair Accessory
  • Originally posted by laokoko Without a doubt.  I shouldn't say none of the top pvpers use item mall.  Just saying majority don't. I'd even say a minority, in particular the "new" top pvpers. It becomes harder and harder to catch up the best player…
  • Unfortunately, if you're starting Atlantica now, you must be prepared to solo until level 90+. The three main reasons are: - The game is more than 1 year old, and low level players are "rare" ; - Leveling by itself is pretty fast until 95 ; - Low l…
  • I agree with trancejeremy. In most MMORPGs you need levels and good gear to be competitive. With P2Ps you only need time (grind / quests / raids). With F2P you also need time, but using cash shop reduces this time (exp bonus, equipement...). …
  • It's obviously a good thing that Ndoors USA increases the communication with their customers, it was pretty chaotic until today. However, I'm quite sceptical about the "suggestion" threads/polls and players' expectations. Less than one hundred pla…
  • All my apologies, the link is fixed. By the way, it has been confirmed that the Druid mercenary will be available very soon.
  • The AOP (Atlantica Online Players) fansite isn't updated anymore. However, the "database" part (items, monsters, dungeons, mercenaries, etc) is moved on Atlantica-db  (www.atlantica-db.com). Information are very reliable and updated after each p…
  • I wrote a more detailed review (with stats, skill info) on Atlantica-db. Link: New Druid Mercenary