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  • One last push to get some more data before collection ends! Its almost over!
  • Originally posted by krenalor Done, but I may be way more casual then most of the posters here. I barely play WoW 3 or 4 hours a week if that.   Hardcore/casual doesn't matter to much so much. I'd actually prefer having a wide range of respo…
  • Originally posted by Martinmas I took the survey. Good luck with your project.   Thanks for taking it!
  • One of the last few bumps. I'm nearting the end of gathering data, thanks for all of your input everyone!
  • Originally posted by Beatnik59 Done...hope you discover something!   Thanks man! Looking at the data, before running statistical analysis on it, it looks promising. I'll keep ya updated when I can reveal the full scope of what I'm looking at.
  • anyone else wanna take my survey? please!?
  • Originally posted by midillusion yet another "why are you addicted to wow" survey. its a shame these surveys never really reflect the reality of how people react to mmorpg's. the chances of you getting a balanced survey are next to none. my advic…
  • bumpity bump.
  • Way to go bagging on stuff you don't understand. If you dont want to complete it, then don't. For those who do complete it, I appreciate it a lot.
  • Originally posted by porovaara  You should really break out the age bracket on the over 35 as we are only one generation away from people who have had games all their lives. The typical ~35 year old probably played games in an arcade. The typical…
  • If youre interested in seeing the results, just shoot me your email and I'll send you a copy as soon as its done.   As for the 18 and over bit,  the board that oversees all human research at schools make it super hard to get approval to "study"…
  • Originally posted by sanedor Ok, there you go, and that 35 age thing lol.. hurt a person felings.. Joking was good questions   Haha. I didnt even think about it. Come to think about it, im 30, in grad school and I play games like no other. …
  • Originally posted by Elikal I felt a bit discriminated with the age selection above 35 all were the same, as if I were the same as something with being 80! *__*   i'll definetely make revisions to that on the next survey I do. Thanks for the…
  • bump.
  • Oops, I forgot to not, I'm specifically looking at second life and WoW players, but anyone who plays any MMORPG can participate!