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  • Never thought that they will create an online game like hello kitty.. ^^ It looks nice... And i'm interested to try this...^^
  • Hmmm gunslinger might look good... How about  armored with two blades? ehehehe
  • But the Titan server again has a problem after the server's were up, All players in the titan server were stock. And now the titan server is under maintenance to fised the problem.. hope that they fixed it all^^
  • Yeah they really need to fixed whatever tech prob. it may caused...but of course even if we can't paly the game I know they were giving a compensation right? i hope that they will fixed all the problems in the game^^ ahahah  
  • I also don't believe that CSR would say that he was retarded.. there's no csr would say that but as a csr they shouldn't fo that... you must be kidding.. my friend also got hacked when he send a ticket to cs they replied and says that they would inv…
  • At last I became level 87.... ahahaha I'm doing a 3 title quest now, congratz to my friend Ahpaul because she received a Infernal lucifer wings from the citratus box..she's so lucky! hope to have one..
  • Thanks for the info,,iI already saw someone who has that wings..and it was really cool wings i've ever seen..I know that it was only in my dreams to have that..hahahahah
  • Originally posted by dubistblau hi!!! im stuck at 78... it makes me sick just to kill and kill... argh! anyway, i hope i get to level 100 soon... and by soon i mean really soon... hahahah! Come and join me in Delphi guys!!! Come on!!!   Hmmm…
  • I think they can't control RMT in the game industry.. in F2P game you have a choice if you want to buy in their item mall... We all knew that by using item mall f2P that becomes P2P... Even thoguh we are not paying monthly to subscribe the game yet …
  • As of the moment i'm leveling up my character... but i the treasure chest has been dissappeared! waah i dodn't notice it.. i'm surfing the net ;( i got to cancel and get again the quest from Pedro...
  • Originally posted by loldfield To tell you the truth I was really looking forward to playing this game I waited for the Download and was uber hyper to play it...then it gave me an error and said my files were corrupt. So I gave up I honestly don'…
    in Honestly Comment by Reanemeiko May 2009
  • The graphics of the game was improving.. and they released additional system like Titan server and mounts but I'm still waiting for the housing system, i just hope that it won't cause another bugs like what happended in the titan server... since hou…
  • I played flyff for almost 4 yars now and it's really good hack and slash  game, i like their events and th community... I'm currently playing atlantica for 5months now and still a lot to learn in the game but i can say that this turn based mmo is no…
  • Originally posted by vonkeitz just wondering why you transfer to delphi?? ive seen the new mount pegasus too. it flew higher than the griffin and its better for me i think. do you think thats a little bit femine?? do you know what is the stat of …
  • Originally posted by s13ge Originally posted by Reanemeiko For the ts I like this game.. it's not about the grinding but a community that we can build on this game... There's a lot to do in the game, but it needs more thinking to really unde…
  • Nope where just playing in one cafe' is it a problem? we don't have our own pc... ;(
  • Originally posted by momodig Just to automated for me... I can get past the graphics... I tried it again today... maybe it's the turn-based combat I don't like... or the whole party thing... but it's different and has a niche. maybe you l…
    in Honestly Comment by Reanemeiko May 2009
  • have you try some features of the game like Arena betting and FL? it's really fun!
  • Hmmm.. as what i've experience, it's because of the unique features of the game, like the Free league,Crating,Fishing,Town system, community, betting and the Auto move function that makes our life easier this are some features that you can't find in…
    in Honestly Comment by Reanemeiko May 2009
  • Yes! this game is really hot! never played turn based before, it's my first turn based that i played and i never regret this game.. there's a lot to do in the game.. crafting,FL,Betting, fishing and of course grinding... If you have qustions ab…