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  • Originally posted by DragonOrder This game really is horrible.  I would have liked it back in 1990 mabye.  It's about 15-20 years behind being fun.   1990 is a huge stretch there, buddy. A game like this probably wouldn't have been possible …
  • The quests literally make a breadcrumb trail for you to follow. Also, you need to follow the quests to unlock new classes and such.
  • Eh, with a free game this good, a notice that someone got  a mercury mount is a small price for me to pay -- they paid at least $10 for it. Probably more with the odds of getting it from the cash shop box. Plus NDOORS has to make money off a free …
  • I'm really enjoying the combat in Rohan so far. I haven't been through all the classes yet, but it just feels good aesthetically, and there are some cool ideas not seen in most MMOs. A small example, archers have the abilities that can be turned on/…
  • I'm not a huge fanboy of Atlantica, I gave it my 9 and went on with my life playing it and enjoying it... But it seems your entire post was whining about it having the top spot and complaining about people who like it. It's got the top spot on the…
  • I'm not sure how to feel. I opened it up today for the first time but only got through the basic things (level 3, haha). I won't make any final judgments this early, of course, but it has an almost meditative, relaxing vibe. But I also can't find an…
  • Princess, totally. Just the image of a royal commanding a squad of gunners, archers, and what have you totally rocks in my mind. Either Princess or Prophet, really...
  • Originally posted by eight675309 Originally posted by Xebec   True the game doesn't give full information about what to do, but with some common sense and you're auto-move it's all pretty straight forward. I'd actually say the game is way too l…
  • Use the Gamer's Hell mirror.
  • Well, lol, damn... I can't even figure out how to open the client. The "Play" button on the downloader doesn't highlight or react, opening any .exes in the LOTRO folder just gives me an error... greeaaat I don't know, I might just run out and bu…
  • My friend and I are going to jump on this with both feet. I downloaded a LOTRO trial a few years ago, but I was too busy to be able to really give it a thorough run. Didn't even get out of the starter zone! Now I'll finally be able to see if I'm goi…