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  • Would be hard for a MMO with a relatively healthy playerbase to bakrupt.  You dont go under when you have hundreds of thousands of people paying you $15 a month for a game that is already made and just needs to be maintained like any other MMO out t…
  • Originally posted by Chenlambacca the game is a poor man's WoW. This game might have been very good about 5 years ago, but not now.   It tries to do everything that WoW does, which makes it unoriginal. It makes minor changes, such as RvR etc. but…
  • Originally posted by Varking Originally posted by neonwire Originally posted by Vrazule What's the point of adding new classes if they're just as boring as all of the rest.  What's the point of adding more captiol cities when they won't have …
  • Originally posted by Lobotomist There is a saying in a small Balkan country that borders a fine republic of Greece that goes something like this: "He hides the truth like the snake hides its legs" I think this expression is very much suitable to …
  • Originally posted by Spaceweed10 We on Eltharion in EU, made it to IC today - what a complete and utter waste of time. This is the WORST end game I have experienced in any MMO - apart from AoC.  It is outrageous. A huge effort from Order to creat…
  • Originally posted by lorndarken as much as i would love to see them putting in the new cities and opening up the game more for city sieges to take place , that was more quest , more armor, / weapons, and fixs to the game take place, it just wont …
  • Originally posted by ste2000 Originally posted by Recant SOE weren't very good at making games imo - they weren't masters of user interface, balance, or even gameplay, but they did manage to conceive a believable fantasy world to lose yourself i…
  • New classes, some new PvP ideas implemented and a good amount of new PvE content. 
  • Originally posted by NightBandit I didn't even last the first month, for me it lacked enough content and while the PvP was fun it didn't hold me and I pulled the plug on another repetitive game. Time has come for these companies to start producin…
  • Originally posted by Salvatoris Don't believe the hate.  This game kicks ass.  While there is room for improvement in tier 4 RvR, the game is still a blast to play and well worth the money.   agree.
  • Originally posted by orlac It's like a medeival Team Fortress 2.   Just wish they used that engine.... its all about the WAAAGGGHHHH !!!!  
  • Originally posted by tigris67  No thanks. the day they made took out corpse retrieval was the last straw for me. this is one of the reasons I quit, way back in kunark.  One night after spending hours trying to find my corpse I decided the game…
  • I will believe DF exists when it releases.
  • Originally posted by Elikal Its something I ponder. I realized, often I leave a MMO on my HD for a long time, but in the last 2 years or so, when I stopped played a MMO, I never returned for more than a few weeks. Most of the time after 2-3 weeks…
  • Originally posted by ZtyX Do preorder this game.   It only costs a few dollars and you get to actually play the game when it finally releases after all this time. It would be stupid not to preorder. It's your right not to. But, I definitely don't…
  • Originally posted by Axxar WHA even has Slayer and Choppa forums up now. oh ya.  
  • Originally posted by JudgeThane The OP sounds like a whiner. I have a 32 IB that does quite well in scenarios. It does help to have good healers but I have done just fine and stayed alive for most of the time limit in some scenarios. I  don't eve…
  • my character is lvl 60, so as long as their are a good amount of players post 40 I think I would be fine with that.  When I was playing years ago the newbie areas were always deserted.  
  • martial arts type rpg.
  • thinking on giving it a try myself.