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  • Originally posted by Teisujin Originally posted by Illthala I like the idea of true aiming and emphasis on combat.   However while the graphics are great in one sense im not a big fan of the style.  I hate azn graphic styles like what i saw i…
  • they pop all the time, in ever tier, all during prime time on gorfang.   they will pop in t1, sometimes t2, and t4 even late.   Though at about 2 am est time unless its a weekend it basically stops. past 3 am est its always dead more or less for…
  • Even vanguard survived, i dont think this game will dissapear.
  • Originally posted by arctarus Hopefully with the current servers merges things will start to go up from here. Populations is very important to this game, once the servers start to flourish, we may yet see a slow revival by War...          …
  • war has an expansion in the works, its been patched frequently, many ppl, myself included still sub to it.  I dont understand how u can conclud its dead.   Its certainly struggling however ill grant you that.   But war isnt likely to be truly …
  • If you roll on a populated server right now you can find action.  Scs pop pretty much non stop on my server gorfang during primetime, and even going late into the night they will pop occasionally.  Pqs do get done as well as rvr.   +there are be…
  • ah so nobodys playing it out easT? pity.
  • Ah, ok, in this case never mind, i didnt know that :~(  
    in cd key Comment by Illthala July 2009
  • 1. Cry me a RvR 2. Clucking fantastic. 3. MWHAHAHAHA
  • War is fantastic IF, when you get ot the high levels , you master your class and travel in small hunting packs.   Groups of 6-12.  I have a group on gorfang, we win 6 vs 18 fights on a regular basis because of organiztion. this is highly fun. …
  • I remember reading an article on mmorpg about unfair things in mmos and one of them was comparing the small studios to the big ones.  the small studios is where the innovation happens usually. NOW having said that, i dont expect mortal online to s…
  • I see..   so what is the 'challenge' of this game?  What keeps you going at endgame?  
    in Raiding. Comment by Illthala July 2009
  • I think a change of this nature could be awesome but really not pratical at this point.   The truth is a new faction would get FARMED so hard while they all level up etc it would result in massive quits and pointlessness.
  • the other question i have is how is the end game in lotro? And plz dont tell how 'fun' leveling is.  I specificially want to know if theres enough to do at endgame or if it teeters a bit as i have a tendency to be a bit more hardcore with my mmos.…
  • It is very much like wow. Wow is much ilke everquest, they are both everquest clones.   Ppl have got to stop assuming wow is somehow the origin.  
  • So does this mean i have to find a boxed set or i can get it online?   also, can i take the free two weeks accoount and upgrade  it.
  • From what ive heard the warden might be the strongest solo class in lotro.  Having said that, i wonder how useful he is in end game raids.  SErvicable ill bet, but if a tank y not guardian, and if dps y not champ.
    in Warden Comment by Illthala February 2009
  • Rvr depends increidbly on what server you are on from my experience. My orginal server had virtually no rvr despite a steady population.  A transfer to gorfang however and we have lots of rvr, including fort takes. ON my server rvr is the focus.  …
  • Originally posted by Kaioh ....for making such an addictive, polished and jaw dropping game.  After playing warhammer online since release, I realized I am no longer much into pvp (at least not every day). I want more of a pve experience that fee…
  • i just rolled on brandwine, under the name eckhart , so far really digging the game.