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  • Buddy Key:  https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=8c9e2ff1-6bec-461c-aaf0-77049414a706&action=buddy   Hit me up in game: IGN: Tigerras
  • Currenlty active link for a 21 free trial: https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=8c9e2ff1-6bec-461c-aaf0-77049414a706&action=buddy
  • I'd play if the game was....you know....fun.   Clicking a mouse for a while != fun.
  • The problem with reducing CC prices for legacy players is that the players who want instant gratification (i,e, those that spend the most on such shops) would be outraged and not play the game.
  • Until it stops making him money altogether, Teppy will not sell it and certainly will not invest anything more than he has to.  He is to obsessed with his bitcoin casino, Dragon's Tale (which is built on the same platform as ATITD, using many of the…
  • Playing a frost mage in vanilla and thinking it was my job to slow mobs down so everyone could escape the instance after too many adds got pulled.  My friends referred to me as the frost tank, and I was a troll so regeneration for the win.
  • I was up to 12 days /played at lvl 42 on my frost mage when I stopped playing for the first time, right around when battlegrounds came out.  It was some of the best fun I'd ever had, but got boring once my friends all were off raiding and didn't hav…
  • SWTOR suffers from a major problem, and that is that it lacks many features that SWG had before it died (and many of those features are better in the memory than they were in reality). For Example: 1. Extensive space combat with customization: E…
  • Gaming companies make a good deal of money off of gold farmers, though.  Every farmer has to pay for an account and a subscription, and then when those get banned, they have to pay for another account and another subscription.  Add in four or so exp…
  • Originally posted by syrusmag3 Runescape.     IT has a player ran economy   and has crafting   and skill based     Was thinking about trying that again, but it never got ahold o fme when I played it...probably because of the g…
  • Originally posted by Nebless Originally posted by VGTheory Originally posted by Nebless Here's something I once suggested on a game forum that I thought would make Pvp more meaningful: You allow the use of a games cosmetic / appea…
  • I thought most of the systems of Ryzom were interesting, especially the stanza system, but the game was unable to keep my interest.  I'm not sure if it was the graphics or slow pace of gameplay, but it just didn't click with me.  Worth a look for so…
  • Originally posted by Nebless Here's something I once suggested on a game forum that I thought would make Pvp more meaningful: You allow the use of a games cosmetic / appearance tab while in a Pvp area.  Do away with being able to see your targets …
  • Originally posted by hexjux Originally posted by disownation Originally posted by just1opinion You want deaths to matter, but do you want any penalties for killing?  In other words, if you kill someone that is FAR below your level..…
  • UO doesn't appeal to me, but thanks for the suggestion.   DFO I will check out.  Not a huge PVP player, but I will look into it.
  • I forget, is the shield bunker in place on Endor in SWG?  Been so long since I visited that place (I have Ewokaphobia)
  • Originally posted by Corehaven There's Freelancer.  Thats an older game.  Very much like what you are talking about.  There are mods, which I have, where it puts Tie Fighters and X wings into the game, with cockpit view and third person camera activ…
  • Originally posted by Eladi Originally posted by Warmaker Pre-CU-wise, the fireworks were Commando gear:  Launcher Pistol and the consumeables like Grenades (Thermal Detonators, Imperial Detonators, etc), and the Rocket Launcher.  The Rocket L…
  • There was an amazing tick-based one a few years ago, Imperial something, that was really similar to GC2 (if I remember GC2 properly) but it shut down for some reason and I've been looking for something similar to it since.
  • Not that I think it will ever happen, but let's presume that SWG is shutting down just to be re-released in some form later:   1. They could restore Pre-CU; or create some hybrid using Pre-CU, CU, and NGE ideas to form a solid game that would ap…