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  • Do you guys know of anything real-life? Like army-kinda shooter, like crossfire.
  • You can already watch it on youtube, the full movie is there uploaded. Here is the link:   Loktofeit thanks for the link, gonna definetely try out that game after seeing this bad-ass movie
  • The Aurora World. Doesn't meet many of your requirements but the crafting is unique, where you need to keep adjusting the temperature and stuff until the item is crafted, and if you don't adjust it the furnace will overheat and the item will be dest…
  • You may try talisman online. It has escort quests, reputation quests, you can kill more mobs at once (assasin, tamer, monk and wizard class have aoe skill).
  • My PC was a compaq presario I think compaq presario 5000.  I've been searching for days now with no succes   Maybe it wasn't even a "so old" game thought because the graphics weren't so bad they were maybe better a bit that diablo II's. And when you…
  • It's not gauntlet. The game I am talking about had no mage class. Only close-range combat classes except the archer (4-5 classes). Also I think it had no menu at all. As the game loaded the char selection screen appeared. It was a picture with the 4…
  • The game I am talking about is grand prix legends and this other rpg game I am looking for. Theese 2 games were on the computer when I bought it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Prix_Legends
  • I don't know the brand of the computer it was an old computer. And we bought it installed with windows 98 and there were 2 games there already. Maybe it wasn't a microsoft game. It was a formula racing game with thoose old kind of formula cars and t…
  • Any1 got any ideas of the game's name? I remember that when you started the game a screen appeared of 4-5 classes to choose from. It was like a big picture and after you clicked on 1 the game started on a dark map where you had to kill some minions.…
  • I've been searching for a lot for something similar to ts1/ts2 but found nothing that could please me.
  • I played hotk and it's a bit fancy. Any1 knows a more simple one?
  • aoe online's requirement's are a bit too high for my pc. But that one will be a hella of great game.
  • up  it can be 2.5d too don't suggest cabal
  • Yeah but I'm not really looking for very high graphics like final fantasy but average graphics and good player database, fun to play. Check out talisman online it's a good game too but it get's boring after a time. It has low req and good graphics.
  • I played jade dinasty but it's not really my type.
  • http://hotk.perfectworld.com/ sign up for closed beta this game will pawn I got bored of 12sky2 too
  • Tryed it but it has too low graphics.