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  • lols i believe internet will go a long time, so play as many games you like!
  • i havent seen the movie though ive heard that it was alright. i really like iron man because on the tony stark persona. darn rich guys. hahha! well im just waiting for a good dvdrip torrent to go out and i know this is evil(piracy) but i cant afford…
  • i wasnt even able to reach the said link. haha! what's in it guys? well im an artist myself but i am more musically inclined.
  • voted for mozilla fire fox...it has been my browser for as long as i can remember. well i just dont like the others and dont use em that often.
  • there are lawyers specifically for the internet cases or they are really accesible through the net? hahha! sorry for the ignorance here guys. never thought that cyber crime would be that too big of a deal to have internet lawyers made. hahha!
  • i really don't have enough knowledge about Nexon but i suppose that this bold move from NDOORS is for the good of everyone. Let's just hope that its for the good of everyone.
  • nobody's making an updated guide now. I don't know maybe people are just busy playing and doesn't have time to take a break and try to help other upcoming players. Well, i am one of thos people busy playing. hahha! but not at the moment.^^
  • Originally posted by Calintz333 This is really not a bad game. I played it up to the 70s I believe (been over a year) and quit mostly due to the huge dependency on real money spending that was going on. Maybe if I was at a time where I didn't  have …
  • i saw this site a month ago and it was really well designed. Oh how i wish we at the noth american server would also have this kind of cool and interactive website. ^^
  • What i like the most about this game is the auto-battle and auto-move feature where you just have to click or press on a command and it will automatically play for you or go to whatever destination you need to go to. or maybe im just too lazy or fe…
  • My only tip for new Atlantica Online players is to enjoy the game at the very best that you can and try not to get addicted to the cash shop. Lols! Well there are very good items there and its your money to spend so its really up to you.
  • Originally posted by Rodentofdoom lol @ internet lawyers ...   seriously though .. ndoors box system is just a mechanich designed to relieve thier customers of $   nice game concept shitty (cash shop driven) economy. Good observation …
  • i hope so too... that is very unnecessary. shouldn't have posted those in here. tsk tsk.. Mods are quite considerate not having this thread locked yet. sad.
  • WOW!!! I am.... DISTURBED. T.T lols.
  • Waaah... i rmember that nightmare... i bought a lot of items from the mall just because i wanted to donate or help the said charity (i dont rememeber what was it). but then the sad thing happened. The charity backed down and i dont know where my mon…
  • well people have their own opinions on things and for this one, random boxes really sux. but i do agree with Naz, we do play just to be entertained. Its not like buying a dog where we could own it, do whatever we want and etc. We shouldn't take thin…
  • too bad for LOTRO. I havent tried it yet but i am still hooked with Atlantica Online. Recently, i have stopped playing because i had to get my sanity back and had to do some things for my family and our business. Its really tiring that i why i deci…
  • Well to bad  for people who quit Atlantica Online. Well to keepmy interest with the game, i tend to rest for a while then come back again. The item mall part is really painful but it is like spending for something that you really like. If you want b…
  • hi!!! im stuck at 78... it makes me sick just to kill and kill... argh! anyway, i hope i get to level 100 soon... and by soon i mean really soon... hahahah! Come and join me in Delphi guys!!! Come on!!!
  • Hi guys!!! I dont actually care about the pegasus...what i really want is the Infernal Lucifer's Wings!!! I love it... ill get it!!! ill have it!!! argh!!! anyway, i transferred to Delphi because it is getting boring in Mycenae... hhahahah! there a…