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  • I agree.   It's also cheaper most of the time to buy a box.
  • Sad times indeed.  The cost of the best is leaps and bounds of what the old standard was.  You are almost forced to buy gems in order to use the best.
  • If your tablet has a great internet connection and your computer has a great internet connection you can use remote desktop or streamer applications to play games on it.  Like Splashtop (the gaming version of it).  I did this all the time in SWTOR. …
  • X-Fire is not a good way to see how many people play a game because not every player will use it.  Especally players trying to compete.  X-Fire is just another extra resourse on your system that is not needed, even if they claim its minimal it still…
  • Try out Shadowbane. Fileplanet has a 25 day free trial. Its as close as you can get to pre-trammel UO as you can get, and it adds alot more pvp content on top of that. There is no other pvp game on the market, imo. All the other games are carebe…
  • Im not jealous of you. I think WoW sucks because I cant kill you for bad spelling ingame (if your on my "side"). Imagine if you could make your own version of the "horde" or "alliance" and were able to boot and kill people who disrupt your progres…
    in Jelousy!! Comment by TooL-D- August 2005
  • Shadowbane is the only real PvP game on that list.
  • Originally posted by Joel1120 I'm gonna suggest There. Unlike most MMORPGs in There you create your own experience and the world around you. Basicly, you can choose to create or do anything you want. You can actually create an in world MMORPG or got…
  • Originally posted by slaani Thank you for all of your responses.Lineage 2 sounds like a good option, but how does PVP work? Are there penalties for dying in PVP and rewards for winning? Item loot?EDIT: Same questions for ShadowBane, as well. In L…
  • Whats even more amazing is, I have yet to rubberband/lag on the server! I have died quite a few times tho!
  • BEST: Ultima Online pre trammel, best PvP ever. Shadowbane, the only good pvp game on the market. WORST: World of Warcraft, they stripped the "War" from that concept.
  • Battle Magus. You will hit mines/buildings/tol's for 500 damage a tick, with archmage buff and doomsayer buff, up to 900 damage a tick.
  • http://www.shadowbane.com/uk/FreeTrial.php You can switch it to whatever country your from.
  • blah thats a pay site.. and isnt it err.. illigal to post here?
    in a question Comment by TooL-D- July 2005
  • Originally posted by Mortygb Originally posted by scaramoosh eve online has to be the most hardcore mmorpg out of them all! no carebear crap The most sensible statement in this thread. Either EvE or Shadowbane. Shadowbane for midevil seige, comb…
  • Is the network secure? Someone on the outside breaking in? Thats a bad thing these days. People have there wireless connections wide open for people to use. Its like leaving the keys in your car with the door open while shopping at the mall. So…
  • As Ashen stated elsewhere, It may launch in september, possably earlier.
  • Only seige engines. It used to be able to control rank 3 monsters, but I think they fixed that a few patches ago.
  • Some guy has allready made $700,000 duping in WoW. Most of Shadowbanes dupes are fixed, and if new ones pop up they fix them asap and ban the users (a recent durability exploite a few months ago). No game is safe from problems. That is something…
  • You just described Shadowbane. 1. Mines 2. Fighting for Mines. Bane a town to capture it from your enemy. 3. Taking a realm, weither by force or by foot. Fighting for mines. Banes. 4. Town guards. Town vendors rolling your items for you.