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  • Dead By Daylight - Deluxe Edition Sweepstakes - MMORPG.com

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  • MMORPG.com : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee - 'Together We Can Stop Predatory Gaming Practices'

    Scellow said:

    He can go fuck himself

    This movement was initiated by players, who got sick of these practices, now it's gonna get recuperated by politics for their elections, FUCK THEM, he should have cared about it earlier, he is a piece of shit

    Could be he's a gamer who is just as pissed over this as anyone else. Who are you to say he can't use his platform to make a statement? No one said he was posturing for votes.
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  • So I finished my 7-day trial……(Edit) Bought the game

     Edit: I ended up buying the game after a few days. Honestly for now it's fun and I've blown more on games I play less on steam. Mostly I like the life skills and have been leveling slowly since I've mostly been focused on fishing and farming and a bit of crafting. Also been doing a few fetch missions in and around Heidel where I have shops ect. IDK it's not a bad game if you like the micro-management stuff. I started out with like one basic carrot and one sunflower, now I have like 4 fields or TC products. 

    There really isn't any other game like it currently; and it reminds me a lot of the fun I had in SWG. I hope Daum knows they may have a gold mine in this game; I see bright future if they can get the minor issues sorted out within the year. We shall see. If anything I will play till I see something else that's better...but for now I'm not seeing any.


    Disclaimer: (read it, comment or don’t I don’t care. It’s just my current opinion and may change in the future. You don’t have to agree)

    I am not entirely sold on this game. It really is a love-hate thing for me.

     It was interesting and fun at times; but to be honest something about it seems rushed and unfinished. Perhaps it’s the fact that many of the features from the Korean version are not yet implemented.  Quests are there, but barely, and they really do not attempt to sell you on the lore of the game to get you really hooked in the beginning. What story is there feels really detached. I had to watch a video on youtube to understand a lot of the lore.

    I’m also kind of worried about the lack of game support. Is anyone at the helm over there at Daum Games? It’s like they must be running a skeleton crew. Ticket responses are slow, and do not ask in chat as it’s like playing Russian Rolette with the answer you get. You might get nothing, or you might get shot in the fucking face for asking xD. I watched it happen many times in chat and felt bad for the people asking, but I couldn’t help them  being new myself and not knowing the answer,  so I just decided to turn chat off so I wouldn’t be a witness to whatever was going on there xD. It’s the internet so trolls are expected, just seems pretty bad in this game at the moment.

    The game has multiple personalities: Is it a PvP centric game? Is it a sandbox PvE game? Is it a PvPvE game? It doesn’t do any of it super well so I can see the confusion.

    Honestly it’s not the best PvP game I have ever played. Stuff is really still unbalanced and not fun and I imagine if and when they fix it people who were playing OP ranged classes will have hurt feelings over nerfs ect and leave; oh and Warrior sucks to play in PvP. Tanky? Uh not really.

    BDO really does not do PvE super well for me either. It feels all over the top at times…and I never really feel like it was a close fight with anything I take on. Satisfyingly close battles? I think not. Nothing in the game world feels threatening, hence why they attempt to fall back on the PK crutch, which is a terrible idea in a Western MMO btw. Sometimes it felt like I was playing wack-o-mole with a weed eater; which can be fun for a while, till you realize 2 hours later nothing has been a challenge. It’s like saying mowing lawns is fun… it’s always the same. At least we know Warrior is a great pve tank.

     I would say it does micro-management sim decently. Sad part is most people who love those kinds of games would never touch PvP with a 10 foot pole and are leaving this game fast; hence all the bickering on the forums.

    It kinda reminded me of swg, yet not. One thing I loved about SWG was the diversity…some of my best friends were crafters and it made the game feel like a close knit community, something I guess people do not want here, missed opportunity on that one.

    PvE players say, “I just want to craft and fish and be left alone”. PvP-Pks  say “wtf n00b, this isn’t the game for that. GTFO and go play Hello Kitty Online ---leave”.

    What does Daum do? Nothing really. Why so timid Daum?  It’s like they invited a bunch of frat boys along with the book club geeks all to the same party then ran to hide in their room so they didn’t have it witness the chaos that would ensue.

    Knock knock…hey Daum..you do know the frat boys have shit all over you house and have all the book club geeks tied up and are now beer bonging them with urine right?

    It’s almost like they have no experience running an MMO or community sites otherwise they would squash that bickering shit fast. 

    Not sure why people feel so strongly about at least putting pve players on a separate server so they can have their peace and so they don’t have to listen to them complain about being killed, but I guess running them all off and having less people playing is a better option for them?  Sure it gives you a laugh for a sec wtflolrollin some poor squishy girl named Becky tending to her wheat field; but that player might just never come back to the game over something as simple as that. You as a PvP-PKr will move on to the next game once the novelty of this game wears off. Daum doesn’t seem too keen on that one.

    “Line our pockets with money; we’ll sort it out later”

    They would be stupid not to cater to a larger player base but whatever; it’s just another Korean grinder imho.


    Anyways I liked the game based on what I played of it despite what I stated as shortcomings (it has potential), but I’m a little worried it might get boring fast since there isn’t enough to keep me vested in it more than a month. I don’t see that being worth the money for me at this time.  I also can’t help but feel this is just another FOTM game everyone is playing till something else comes along; but hey I would be wrong. In the end I won’t be me making the buy on this game….. right now, but I will keep an eye on it and may consider buying it in the future.  

  • #SWTOR6 Celebrates the Game's 6th Anniversary - Star Wars: The Old Republic - MMORPG.com

    wow! 6 years since I realized I wasted my money on the CE version of this game and left it.
  • Will A:IR Reignite AAA MMORPG Development? - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    LrdEtrius said:
    Nope. I jumped out of the hype boat as soon as i noticed the gender lock. If they can't even have this basic thing in character management i don't wanna know the rest.

    This game is what I would expect to see if you mixed GW2 with BDO. Looks ok but what is it with Korean games and gender lock classes?
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II: Making Melee Work - General Guides

    EA shut off real money purchases for the time being. I'm sure Disney told them to end this for now. https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/17/16670758/star-wars-battlefront-2-issues-disney-ea

     I mean there is a new movie coming out next month, they aren't going let some little company like EA ruin their franchise over such a debacle. Maybe Disney should consider removing EA as the sole licensee, because to be honest they suck.

  • Mistel Barocco MD600 Split RGB Keyboard - Our Most Interesting Keyboard Yet - MMORPG.com

    keyboard rage proof (comes already broken)
  • Nvidia asks retailers to limit GFX sales per person

    Finding a 1060 card took weeks. I had to order directly from EVGA. Bestbuy is also price gouging over this and is limiting their stock to do it.

    The price history on this card  over the last few weeks

    and now $419.99

    I just finally had to go to EVGA directly and set up instock notification. Waited about 1 week, but I got one. Amazon resellers are asking $500, newegg same thing. It's gotten out of hand.
  • Sources Claim Disney Has Reached Out to Ubisoft & Activision About Star Wars Games - Star Wars: Batt

    Gitmix said:
    Awesome ! We clearly need more feminism and social justice warfare in our entertainment!
    EA is obviously too busy pushing gambling on kids to be effective at propagating Disney's political agenda. Off with their heads !

    Fuck off, Disney! You already ruined Star Wars with your political drivel, that's enough damage for one generation. 

    Nothing to do with gaming. Go ahead and step down now, no one here cares.
  • Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Nearing According to Brief Post - MMORPG.com News

    Sieye said:

    Wizardry said:

    You can't simply flag players to group after designing the entire game for single player.So unless they are rebuilding the entire game which i highly doubt,this is a dumb idea.Then again 90% of the MMOS are solo games with nothing more than a login screen and FAKE grouping so not like i expect a low budget game to figure it out either.
    I have long stated that login screens are only there to support cash shops,so let's see,i expect cash shops incoming.

    Interesting. Why do you think there is cash shops? There hasn't even been any kind of discussion about using cash shops at all.

    Everyone here has cash shop PTSD.