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  • Game dead before it even started?

    I don't think it has to do with listening to pve players over pvp players at all. I would say it has suffered from a lack of clear game design, planning, and implementation from the beginning. Things seem to be done on a whim of an idea and too much experimenting with bad ideas for game mechanics for months on end, and much more time is spent on add ons and POTs than the gameplay, UI, story, animations, creatures, scenes, etc etc etc. It all feels just thrown together from whatever can be bought and used from unity assets.

    I've been a supporter of Sota for 3 years now, and spent lots to get a large rent free deed pledge, so I hate to say it...but there's a reason why the numbers are so low. It's just not a good game. Yes, I know it's not finished as people will say, but at over 3 years now and I can't think of one aspect of the game that's finished or good either for that matter. There's barely anything to do but grind for resources, craft, or kill the same types of creatures over and over for lackluster loot, you can deco a house if you can afford it or sit around and dance or play music with others. It's sad, but there's just no game here, it's bits and pieces of unfinished ideas and terrible gameplay ideas that don't flow well together. :( Nothing is finished, dozens of  cloned scenese and on hold to get POT's finished first, introducing the newest add-on items, and there's rarely anything fun added. I've chalked it up as a bad gamble for now, will log on briefly to refresh house, and will take a look back once it's released to see if it gets better, but I'm not getting my hopes up really.
  • Player's Choice Awards - Most Wanted MMO of 2017 a Awards at MMORPG.com

    I voted for Camelot Unchained.

    I like the idea of Pantheon and will wait until it's released to see if I would buy it.I love that it will be subscription based and a game centered around old school PVE.

    My money will never go toward another crowdfunded game again though. I don't regret my money spent on Camelot Unchained at all and hope it turns out to be really awesome.

    Shroud of the Avatar though has ruined me from ever spending money on another crowdfunded game though, never again. Shroud of the Avatar is a disappointing excuse for the 10.8 million dollars donated and a lost cause, sadly. :(
  • An Impressive Look at New Moondial Effects - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    @Voidfarer, Welcome to MMORPG, land of the completely unmoderated forums where the same half dozen trolls who were banished from the forums years ago trash the game each week! Same guys every time. Look at  Ice-Queen's message history.
    Complete falsehood, I can't say I'm surprised though, as this is a typical response from you. You seem to be just as trollish as anyone else, you're always out and about trolling those you would label trolls to try to delegitimize their truths about your game. I have never been banned from your forums. One need only look to see. Although, I'm sure you're petty enough to do so as you can't take criticism well and seem to have a child like enjoyment of trying to quiet people when you don't like what they have to say. Much like a child that can't get another to play their way, so they take their ball and go home... You seem incapable of taking criticism of the poor mechanic decisions of the game that involve your making. I also don't post every week here about your game. All people here are doing is telling people our experience with Sota. If your game was booming and had people actually playing it, you probably wouldn't be so bothered by negative feedback and posts about how terrible it is.

    I think people should all try your free trial so that they can see for themselves the state of your game. I'm guessing the trials aren't bringing many in to actually buy the game after they do see for themselves right? How many people are even left playing Sota these days, 300, 400, 500 people? I'm sure no one will ever give out the numbers, it's embarrassing. Out of how many accounts? Speaks for itself really how this game is, and why they even let the dev hothead post on other forums is beyond me, but it's actually amusing because people can see the type of devs involved with Sota.

  • An Impressive Look at New Moondial Effects - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    Ice-Queen said:

    If this is true, I just lost the last, tiny shred of respect I may have had left for SotA.  A developer gets on these forums, insults the forums in general, calls specific users trolls because of their views of the game...I just find that hard to believe.  Surely, if this is true and the heads of the studio found out, he would be at the least reprimanded and possibly fired?  Would they allow someone in the wild representing their company like that?
    Aye this is typical behavior from he and I've seen Starr as well, bickering with posters is pretty common. They don't seem to mind them doing it as it's been going on for years now. No idea why they call people trolls and themselves troll as well. If it was just your average poster no one would say anything really but a game companies devs are usually more professional. I think this game is the only one where I've seen this really.

    I'm sure Rune_74 could point you to a ton of Chris's unprofessional posts, I know there's a list somewhere with screenshots of a lot of them out there somewhere but I'm not going to go digging to find them. Here's just a couple.

    (Chris) Catnipgames

    Starr going back and forth with someone here.

    Second link doesn't work for me.  Why, oh why did I back these clowns?  It only cost me $50, thank goodness.  Compared to most backers, I got off light.  I know why...pure nostalgia for the greatness that was Lord British in the 80's.  SotA has turned out to be my biggest disappointment in over 30 years of gaming.  I need to learn to let my memories be just that.

    Hmm, it's working for me, here's one of the posts of starr from the second link. Some guy got him going and he really got sarcastic and childish in his response.

    It is incredible! I did it Tariva! As you suggested I did some really honest introspection.

    I did not even realize that for over three years we have been perpetrating an amazing cover up! We have managed to make people think Richard has been working on the project this whole time! We even had our own team fooled, including me! Making videos, generating bugs, making tasks, going to meetings, attending daily standups, posting those standup notes to the forums, doing interviews with press, etc. Lots of work to make it just appear as if he is working on the game instead of actually working on the game.

    That makes so much more sense than the simpler explanation that he is actually working on the game! It is way easier to believe that he's not working on the game at all instead of that sometimes we don't work on the schedule in the exact order he wants due to other priorities.

    Your theory is so much more plausible! Thank you so much for bringing this to light! You are an incredible sleuth! The world is grateful to you for your deductive powers and dedication to spreading the truth.

  • New P2W SotA philosophy ???

    I'm one of those that doesn't mind the crowns and using the GW2 model. It's a good model for boosts/cosmetic items/effects/glowies/special dyes/wings...whatever.

    What I don't agree with is the current proposal of crowns being the only way to repair your equipment back to max durability, and that things like gathering are made so miserably slow and give such small yields that you almost have to have a potion and/or engraved tool to make gathering bearable. You can spend hours/days/weeks depending on your playtime for whatever type of armor you're trying to craft, just trying to gather enough materials to make one suit of armor and a weapon. The cost of resources to create equipment is absurd right now, given the time you have to gather materials/low yield from nodes/scarcity of places to gather in mass, or the gold coin you'd have to pay someone that's gathered it for you....it's just not worth it. Hopefully, after careful consideration of the concerns, they will remove the crowns from the equation of repairing equipment and leave that to crafters to do as it should be. The game is still in early access so a lot is subject to change for the better as systems are polished and things are added to releases to make things better.

    I'm hopeful that this can get worked out and they can fix some of these issues, gathering and resources hasn't had any attention in years to ease up the awful grind that comes with it, so we'll have to see the coming months what changes come for this in the Multiplayer Economic Balance release that was pushed back again. I do know that people are not going to want to spend hours/days/weeks of their playtime purely grinding out gathering for resources, as we do right now, just to make a suit of armor and weapons that will break unless you use a crown on each and every item to keep it, they'll end up just buying the basic armor from an npc vendor and call it a day. I really want to see Sota do well and I'm confident the devs will do what's best in this situation with the crowns. We're still a good ways from release, so I'm sure things will be balanced and corrected for the better. I anxiously and patiently waiting to see the upcoming changes that are coming to make Sota more fun and playable for everyone. I'm excited for July to be here so that there won't be any more wipes and people can play more without fear of just losing everything with wipes as well. :)

  • Project Gorgon - Should You Buy It Now? - MMORPG.com

    How does this game compare to SotA?

    I would say if you have a choice of the two and want the one with, care, and thought put into it, with true professionals, a more open world, and is cleverly done on a very small budget, pick Project Gorgon. The graphics aren't the best but if you loved Asheron's Call back in the day this may for you, although I wouldn't say it's the updated Asheron's Call sort of game I've been waiting for. They put a lot into this game with a shoestring budget. Whereas Sota having the what 12-18million dollar budget? In my opinion, doesn't look or play like it has much planning and focus (unless you count cash shop lots went into that, gameplay not so much)put into it when you try and play it and it doesn't look like it had millions thrown at it either even though it did. I tried and waited for Sota to get better year after year but it never did for me.

    If you want a korean grinder style game with heavy RMT, overpriced cash shop items, you like sitting and waiting constantly for loading screens, and a clunky combat system choose Sota. Of course Sota does have a free trial so I'd suggest to try that before buying it. In my opinion, Sota is just not worth paying money for, you can see all it offers with free trial. Both games are kind of old school flashback from the early 2000's and neither have the best of graphics if that's what someone's looking for, so they won't appeal to everyone.
  • I may buy this game if pvp has meaning. Explain pvp in the game pls.

    There is pvp in the game right now, you need to flag yourself in order to pvp though. The way it's set up, if you want to pvp just flag yourself and go looking for other pvp'ers. No one is forced to pvp if they don't want to. If you're looking for something like Pre-Trammel UO, it's not like that at all. As someone said above, they learned their lesson from UO, when it cost them customers. If you're looking for a free for all, kill all the noobs, you won't get that in SotA. There are pvp zones in the game that are entirely pvp, but they're barren wastelands right now. There's a handful of people at the moment that run pvp events currently. So far it's not a very popular aspect of the game, I rarely see anyone pvp flag except the handful of same people running about. They do have more plans for pvp before and after release though.