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  • Mortal Online - Pay to Win

    Originally posted by Magos1985
    Originally posted by Dakeru
    Originally posted by Magos1985
    OP is just referring to a bug that has to do with buildings at the moment. The devs/gm's cant do anything about it until the system gets remade with tc revamp patch. Anyone that owns a keep can do this and theres nothing gm's can really do about it for now. But please continue the propaganda train OP. Its sickening ppl like u flame a game so hard that u paid for and play for like 4 years. Why not have some respect for something u invested 4 years of ur life on.

    Yeah the game is  well known for bugs and GM corruption but of course we will believe you instead since you only just made your account here to tell us the truth.


    well known by who? people with first hand knowledge of it? Not really... U ppl gotta understand situations come up in MO that have to b handled case by case since there has never been an mmo like it with some of the systems being very unique. So ya gm's are forced to make judgement calls. Personally I'm not much of a concpiracy guy...maybe u r and thats cool. But I played the game a long time, had a lot of encounters with bugs and gm's, and for me its just black and white stuff...one side will get their way and the other will call cheats/corruption etc.


    The GMs shouldn't have to be making "judgement calls" to decide these things.  That's the worst possible way to manage anything involving a thousand people.  For example, this keep that is the topic of discussion.  Either Keeps can have 16M hp, or they can't.  If a GM has to keep coming by and modifying the keep's hp outside of the game's built in rules, then something is wrong with the game


    And yes, many of these things are people with first hand knowledge of the game and people who have played the game for longer than a day or so.