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Been a gamer since a controller could fit in my hands, and MMOG's are by far my favorite genre.


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  • Plans to improve movement?

    Originally posted by TangentPoint
    Hello, Question is in the title, though I'm not referring to the click-to-move system. I don't mind that. What I'm referring to is the wonky, drunken way your character gets around. Click on a location straight ahead of you, and they run in a zig-zag, starting and stopping.. turning and running into nearby walls or fences, then turning and going the correct way. The new graphics look great (considering the platform/language the game is built on). The new camera is smooth and very nice. But I can't understand why they haven't improved the character navigation in the world itself? It seems like there's a grid of navigation nodes or something, and your character finds its path by moving between them. It actually makes playing the game extremely unpleasant.. for me anyway. I suppose you get used to it after a while, but I'm not sure why they'd want to keep it that way deliberately?

    The Path finding mechanics in the game  are actually fairly solid (the environment, not so much in outdated areas. As a for instance compare ease of movement in Al Kharid to that of Falador...And, better design in environment is something they are constantly working on). Given how a lot of MMORPG's handle movement. There is something of a learning curve. I have some tips for you:

    If you are on a laptop Invest in an external mouse if you don't already have one.

    Try clicking mostly on the mini map to move.

    When clicking on the play screen to move, use the right/second click, walk here options.

    Consider that you should adapt where you are flagged to 'move to' as you move. Don't just set a move point and let it run it's course.

    Part of it is about predicting where your clicks will land you post-loading of a new area. An area is subjective to where your character is located. It is approximately every 14 game spaces in any direction that constitutes an area. More area to be loaded will show itself on the mini map (as blank/no background/or blacked out space) as you move. Click to set your flage before that cut off, not after them.