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Born far-Easterner by circumstance, not descent. Played Marathon for Mac, X-Wing, Escape Velocity. Went to the University of Chicago and discovered Vendetta Online. Lived in Colorado for a year, rode Crested Butte for 70 days. Worked as a Geoscientist. I have always enjoyed designing games; would love to do it for a living.


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  • The 10 Best MMOs of 2017 - The List - MMORPG.com

    Thane said:
    i'd say warframe has more players online than some other mmos. so it's actually quite massive, and multiplayer, and online

    uh and if they are no mmos, why is GW? what's the max per instance, 40? 100?
    sounds like a big battlefield to me, eh?

    get some fresh panties guys and chill
    sgel said:
    Could the people who say that some of the games on the list aren't mmos, defind what an mmo is?

    Just curious what each person's definition is.

    It's "massively multiplayer", not "massive + multiplayer".  Chess is played by a "massive" number of people (600 million), it is "multiplayer" (2 players), it is online.  There's all three boxes for you box-checkers.  Must be a MMORPG?  Reductio ad absurdum.

    It's hard to believe the goalposts have moved so far this must even be a discussion.

    That stated, it's not just about how many people are literally simultaneously interacting in a meaningful way; MUDs are a thing, and somewhat distinct from MMORPGs.  The term "MMORPG" also has meaningful connotation like:

    *A persistent world
    *Large numbers of people in the same digital space

    Publishing a list like this adds further confusion about what the term "MMORPG" means at a time when many people seem to be struggling with the concept.  This is mmorpg.com; you could have used this as an opportunity to showcase some MMORPGs if you needed 5 or so spots to fill, regardless of whether or not they are popular!  Perhaps in drawing your community's attention to actual MMORPGs you may even help some of them to become popular.

    From your game list:

    EVE Online
    Lord of the Rings Online
    Final Fantasy XI
    Dark Age of Camelot
    PlanetSide 2
    Dungeon & Dragons Online
    Ultima Online
    Lineage 2
    DC Universe Online
    Anarchy Online
    Dragon Nest
    World of Warcraft
    Age of Conan: Unchained
    Wurm Online
    Age of Wushu
    Vendetta Online
    Star Wars: The Old Republic
    Continent of the Ninth Seal
    Pirates of the Burning Sea
    Uncharted Waters Online
    A Tale in the Desert
    Entropia Universe
    Mortal Online

    I submit that a random selection of any five from there in place of the titles that are not MMORPGs would improve your list.
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  • Been 11 years since I last played an MMO for more than a few days...

    "Been 11 years since I last played an MMO for more than a few days..."

    "Nostalrius came out the other year, I played it for a few months until it got shut down with my friend and we had a blast."

    Something doesn't add up, here...
  • More Greedmonger refund drama

    The level that some people go to in order to defend these Crowdfunding people is astounding.  That ANYONE would want to defend Appleton is astounding.

    Is it defending Appleton when you deride overly eager morons for foolishly throwing money to something that sounded too good to be true?
    That’s a totally different topic.   One does not negate the other.

    I apologize in advance as I do try to not be rude if I can help it, but in this case I'm making an exception as your statement is just such absolute bullshit that I can't help myself.

    Let me explain. Person A. made a bunch of promises to create a game that People B. would like. He asked for People B. to give him money, no strings attached to make these dreams and promises come true. People B. threw thousands of dollars at him, based on nothing but some windy words. Person A. failed to deliver on said promises. Thereby making People B's donations worthless.

    Ok then, how am I supposed to demonize one participant and yet not the other? If I agree that Appleton is a Charlton that stole your money then I have to also admit you are a gullible fool for handing that money to him in the first place. Saying that Person A. is guilty of fraud but exempting People B. of gullible culpability means that there has been no actual crime committed. Unless Appleton came to all of your homes and took your money at gun point then you fools share an equal portion of the blame. Either own up to this or stop wasting our time with with your feckless whining.
    You seem to be mistaken. I never gave Appleton a cent.  

    This is is why I said “One does not negate the other”. Feel free to demonize both if you want.  You can certainly make the case that people who gave thousands of dollars to this guy should have known better. That doesn’t let the originator of this effort off the hook.  
    As a matter of fact it does let this guy off the hook. I feel it shouldn't but it still does. Person A. said "Hey give me some money and I'll try to give you guys some cool stuff." People B. gave the dude some money with no other contract or guarantees. Person A. failed to deliver said cool stuff. Which means People B. have no other recourse to the law and therefore are fucked. A fool and his money are soon parted.
    No it doesn't let Appleton off the hook.  Seriously, where did that left-hand turn come from?

    'I may be a charlatan but it's your fault for believing me... therefore not guilty'... Really? In what twisted world does that make sense? 

    That's like the Arrested Development argument of "you can't arrest a husband and wife for the same crime".
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  • Bill Murphy - Fallout 76 May Be the Sandbox MMO We've Been Waiting For - MMORPG.com

    sopuku said:
    jeasus why people are such haters... what happened to the world? why the f companys who make games should make what you want? they have an idea and they do it.. if they will start to listen what players want so they will have to create like 5 million different games because people dont want the same stuff.. jeasus just start using your stupid heads, stop being so egocentrics.. jeasus people suck in 21 century..
    If somebody makes a Ferrari and tries to sell it as an airplane, it isn't "hating" to point out that it's a car, not a plane.

    Carry on.
  • Frontier Announces End of Mac Support - Elite: Dangerous - MMORPG.com

    who uses mac for gaming anyways lol
    I do.  It's my main rig.  My Toshiba laptop is secondary.
  • Why I quit Albion and why you should too!

    fanglo said:
    So you offer no examples and expect us to believe you?

    But yes, support will always back up other employees.

    Random Person: I love having sex with women
    Random Person: I'm a lesbian
    Me: I'm sorry
    Me: I hope they find a cure for that soon

    Mod: Homophobic comments are not allowed
    Me: Some rant about censorship of speech
    You got what you deserved, loser.
  • Seven hundred and twenty bucks for the A2? Go **** yourself, Chris.

    Babuinix said:
    Just look around in the gaming scene and find a game with just half the scope and features of Star Citizen.

    If it was easy it would have been done by now. ;)
    I don't know... space blasters in a Newtonian environment as a MMORPG has been a thing for me since 2003, and that seems to be more than half Star Citizen's core scope.  SC even appears to be struggling with the MMORPG aspect.

    It looks gorgeous, though.
  • Seven hundred and twenty bucks for the A2? Go **** yourself, Chris.

    Orinori said:
    I got to go do more worthwhile things but I will leave the short version of this instead.

    Free market capitalism
    Supply and demand

    You are welcome. 
    This is incredibly facile. This same mentality resulted in Enron and innumerable other scandals since the advent of mercantilism.

    Welcome to the 21st century. 
  • Last known good in the mmorpg industry

    Scorchien said: 
    Scorchien said:
    Im still having fun , since my first MUD in 83 ...

      But currently UO for 21 years now .. just logged out to log into ESO for pledges then Cyrodill its all good :)
    Which MUD? Mine was Avatar, at age 16.
       First one i played i cant remember the name of it , was in 83 on c64 , and was a Middle Earth MUD it was amazing .. I remember playing Mark Jacobs game Dragons Gate on Gamer World ..and then Gemstone
    It's amazing how vivid some of the pictures in my head were painted with only words.
  • Best large scale PVP experience/world

    Vendetta Online

    Check out some of Red Eternal Dominion's old videos:

    It's ironically best on PC, but most new players come in by way of mobile nowadays it seems.