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  • Game to Close on February 21, 2017 - Landmark - MMORPG.com

    Day Broke another one.
  • Pantheon: THE MOST WANTED MMO OF 2017, did you or want to pledge now?

    I never pledge. If it turns out well when it's ready to launch I'll look at it then.
  • ME Andromeda: victim of SJW cancer or just bad artists?

    You forgot the third option: exaggerations by the batshit-crazy mob with a politically motivated agenda to metabomb a game and company they perceive as stinking liberal SJW anti-white racists.

    Yes, the facial animations can use improvement but they are not as bad as the mob would have you believe and the gameplay is quite good and in many ways much better than any previous ME game.

    And BTW... just what kind of discussion do you expect in a thread with "SJW cancer" in the title?
  • Players & Chargebacks - Kakao Taking a Stand

    I have to admit that charge backs after playing a game for more than a few hours is something I have very little sympathy for - it seems sleazy to me even if you think you're doing it as a gerilla tactic to lash back.

    If a game changes significantly in a way you dislike months after you started playing it the honest thing to do is to leave and remember who they are and what they did. 
  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    First thing they've done that has interested me.

    I've heard all the pros and cons of level scaling and have played MMOs with and without them and to me, keeping all content relevant at all levels makes more sense than discarding whole chunks of games as you level-up.

    Better get used to it because they'll all be going that way.
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  • Questions submitted to UK government about loot boxes and gambling

    DMKano said:
    There are much bigger real world problems that need attentiom.

    Well since they're doing fuck all about those, might as well tackle the easy shit.
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  • This is what changed the mmo industry

    Every new thing, no matter what, is at its most fun at the beginning when there are just a handful of pioneers and hobbyists involved in it.

    When that thing becomes popular enough for the money people to sit up and take notice, it will be stripped down, examined and boiled down to its most profitable bare essentials which will then be mass produced and handed over to the marketing departments for hype.

    Popularity is the kiss of death.

    It's why I shake my head when you and many others here dream about having your favorite indie MMO project become hugely popular. Be careful what you ask for.
  • Is ESO heading down the dark path of deliberate inconvenience with housing furnishings?

    I'll say this myself before someone else does: the ESO crown store does not have anything in it essential for playing the game. There're no P2W items or perks that give credit card warriors any type of advantage. It is all just cosmetics and convenience and as such, "don't like, don't buy it" seems to be all that is needed to end any discussion about it... but is it?

    When ESO switched from P2P to the B2P + Crown Store model, the game already had its share of inconveniences and, as we all knew they would, the relief for those inconveniences was monetized and moved to the crown store or to the now optional, sub revenue stream. They COULD have removed some of these inconveniences and in some cases (e.g., the VR leveling system) they did. But those inconveniences already existed, we were more or less used to them and could continue living with them if we had to.

    But then, all of a sudden, new layers of inconvenience were added at the same time that the cash shop relief was introduced. It was minor at first and clearly within the realm of "purely optional." I'm thinking mostly about the co-introduction of XP scrolls in the Crown Store and a way to make the equivalent items in the game. They added a new layer of RNG rarity in the game that we had never seen before. They added it to both, the recipe pieces that needed to be assembled and one fo the materials needed fro the recipe, Perfect Roe.

    But still, XP scrolls for accelerated leveling are purely optional and niche at that. We knew they had added a nasty layer of inconvenience to an in game activity but we didn't really care all that much because it was only those grinders doing it and they were playing the game wrong :)

    Fast forward to housing.

    Yes, housing is still optional from a core game play perspective, and there is very little in it that could even be characterized as convenient... attunable crafting stations that let you craft set pieces that would otherwise require a trip to a remote station IS convenient but that's the beginning and end of housing convenience.

    But even though it's optional, housing is a bit more special: it is something that has been very much requested by a large portion of the fan base for a long time and much rejoicing and good vibes were had when it was finally announced for this coming February... and as a free base game update.

    Now housing itself is not inconvenient in any way shape or form. The gold prices and zone achievement requirements for buying one are reasonable even if the gold cost for the better ones does ramp-up a bit too much considering especially that the quality and size doesn't ramp up in anyway that justifies the increased cost... but whatever, those are minor quibbles.

    So what's the problem? It's all about the furnishings. Someone on the PTS forums, Enodoc, described it very well:
    • Material drop rate needs to be higher
    • Materials required per item needs to be lower
    • Crafting plan drop rate needs to be higher
    • More simple crafting plans needed at vendors
    It's actually a very polite way to put it that understates the problem by a large margin. I would describe it this way:
    • material drop rates are almost non-existent - think nincrux
    • material requirements per items are ridiculous - think level 160 crafting mats
    • crafting plan drops are extremely rare - think style books
    • vendors sell very few crafting plans and most of them are trees and shrubbery - the Knights who say Ni will be delighted I'm sure
    Now this is new, manufactured inconvenience with no purpose other than directing you to the cash shop - not for one of a kind, rare, luxury items but for just your basic decorative bed that you can't lie down on or crates and chests that can't be opened or used to store things.

    And unlike the XP scrolls that most of us can shrug off, a much larger portion of the player base will feel this not so subtle nudge toward the cash shop.

    With this update and house furnishings ESO is jumping in with both feet into the deliberate inconvenience cash shop funding method. Not really all that surprising really following so closely after the introduction of gambling boxes.
  • I hate you EA

    DMKano said:
    Rhoklaw said:
    Just when we needed a new Star Wars game in our lives, you go and shut down Visceral Games? :neutral:

    I certainly dont need anything Star Wars in my life.

    I am a minority here but I am really tired of Star Wars, I think its just old and tired and played out.

    SWG was good before NGE and thats it. I enjoy the memory and have moved on.

    For some reason people are holding the entire star wars franchise on this sacred pedestal, when IMO there were 2 good movies at best and the rest were mediocre to poop.

    So chances are EA saw that the game was a stinker too and pulled the plug.
    Who let the damn trekkie in here?
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  • Developer seems frustrated that publishers don't understand CoE's appeal

    I have to say I find it very interesting and even amusing that it is always the same four or five posters in these threads that are attempting to destroy SBSs reputation.  To the point where when they have nothing else to use, or a valid point has been made, they then begin to attack the community members or repeat the same misconceptions that they have been trying to enforce in every thread that has been started here.  Then to top it all off by trying to say they are doing it for the good of the staff at SBS and it's community. Really?  How stupid do you think people are?  Do you really think all these threads are beneficial to anyone? Rarely is there anything constructive that comes out of them. It is more like a witch hunt.

    Well allow me to jump into this thread for the first time just to let you know that there are many more of us also watching the thread but not participating all that much.

    Yes, these threads are very beneficial to anyone who might be considering supporting the game. It acts as a great counterpoint to the fan-fueled unrealistic hype that most of these cult-like, overly ambitious KS MMO projects seem to have in common.

    You can attempt to shoot the messenger all you want but the message that your project is floundering still stands. And this is in no part the fault of the messenger.

    Reality is just slamming you straight on the face just like how many predicted it would months ago. And reality can hit you even harder when you spend all your time trying to deny it.
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