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  • Game to Close on February 21, 2017 - Landmark - MMORPG.com

    Day Broke another one.
  • Pantheon: THE MOST WANTED MMO OF 2017, did you or want to pledge now?

    I never pledge. If it turns out well when it's ready to launch I'll look at it then.
  • ME Andromeda: victim of SJW cancer or just bad artists?

    You forgot the third option: exaggerations by the batshit-crazy mob with a politically motivated agenda to metabomb a game and company they perceive as stinking liberal SJW anti-white racists.

    Yes, the facial animations can use improvement but they are not as bad as the mob would have you believe and the gameplay is quite good and in many ways much better than any previous ME game.

    And BTW... just what kind of discussion do you expect in a thread with "SJW cancer" in the title?
  • Players & Chargebacks - Kakao Taking a Stand

    I have to admit that charge backs after playing a game for more than a few hours is something I have very little sympathy for - it seems sleazy to me even if you think you're doing it as a gerilla tactic to lash back.

    If a game changes significantly in a way you dislike months after you started playing it the honest thing to do is to leave and remember who they are and what they did. 
  • Another Bless Emissary turns his back on the game

    DMKano said:
    Warning language

    This is JonahVeil - now an ex-emissary for Bless

    Yeah but why? That video is just some dude saying he has changed his mind about it being a cash grab. Details please.

    And WTF is an "emmisary"? Is that just a Bless euphemism for "influencer"? Why would anyone in their right mind have listened to them in the first place?

    Sounds just like paid mercenary pseudo-journalists leaving a sinking ship to try to salvage what credibility they have and cash in somewhere else down the line.

    God, people are getting stupider by the minute these days.
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  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    First thing they've done that has interested me.

    I've heard all the pros and cons of level scaling and have played MMOs with and without them and to me, keeping all content relevant at all levels makes more sense than discarding whole chunks of games as you level-up.

    Better get used to it because they'll all be going that way.
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  • Questions submitted to UK government about loot boxes and gambling

    DMKano said:
    There are much bigger real world problems that need attentiom.

    Well since they're doing fuck all about those, might as well tackle the easy shit.
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  • This is what changed the mmo industry

    Every new thing, no matter what, is at its most fun at the beginning when there are just a handful of pioneers and hobbyists involved in it.

    When that thing becomes popular enough for the money people to sit up and take notice, it will be stripped down, examined and boiled down to its most profitable bare essentials which will then be mass produced and handed over to the marketing departments for hype.

    Popularity is the kiss of death.

    It's why I shake my head when you and many others here dream about having your favorite indie MMO project become hugely popular. Be careful what you ask for.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    I said it’s not about JP. This goes above and beyond this single instance. But well, I know what I know. I’ve said what I can say. Totally fine if you think I’m crazy. :)
    A gaming company catering to customer outrage by firing a couple of employees is one of the side stories related to this incident worthy of coverage. Details about the CEO's personality are part of that story.

    Another side story is inappropriately using misogyny as a defense when it's not warranted.

    And yet a third side story is the equally inappropriate use of the misplaced misogyny accusations to further a fringe political agenda.

    But those IMO are all side issues that, if they deserve their own coverage, should be covered after you thoroughly cover the main story which was a couple of developers, at least one of whom had been drinking by his own admission, using their own public twitter accounts to try to shame a customer for no good reason and without provocation and then doubling down with explicit statements that indicate that being nice to customers is not something they do naturally but is just a facade they turn on when they're on the job.

    Allow me to offer my decidedly amateur observation (ironic, I know :) ) about how you need to "earn the right" to focus on the side issues by first exhaustively dealing with the primary issue. I think this is the problem that even those readers without extremist agendas have with your article. It reads as glossing over the original bad behavior by Price to focus on MO's reaction and make that the main story. This gives the impression of bias and dismissing the importance of the original issue even if that accusation is not warranted.
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  • RPGs can become much more “radical” but hardcore players are “resistant to change”, says Obsidian

    Make good changes that are more fun to play than what it replaces and you'll see that "hardcore traditionalist" roadblock melt away. OTOH, make changes just for the sake of being different without improving on what you changed and you'll get a lot of resistance... and then you can call the detractors hardcore traditionalists :)
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