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  • Crowfall: PvPers Need PvEers

    I think you have a valid point but you have obscured it by referring to PvE. What games like CF and CU need are not PvErs but rather some PvPers who also like to do gathering, building, etc. in addition to the people who just want to kill their enemies all the time (me :p).

    As the other commenters say, these kind of games can't really appeal to true PvErs because there is the strong possibility of being ganked while gathering etc. which true PvErs won't put up with for long when they could just play in a different game where that doesn't happen.
  • Bring On Siege Perilous!

    If a column uses bullet points but there are no bullets, does it really have bullet points? :p
  • The Positive CU thread!!

    No P2W cash shop.

    No effort to raise 10s of millions of dollars selling mount skins or the likes. In fact they have stopped new stretch goals until Beta 1 begins.

    No PvE level and raiding grind before you can be competitive in RvR.

    3 realms with unique races and classes instead of 2 mirrored sides.

    Plenty of character slots so you can try out all the classes in your realm without having to spend money in a cash shop to unlock more slots.

    I guess some of those might not fully meet the OP's requirements, but I don't think there's any reason to worry that the game will be reduced to 2 mirrored realms for instance by launch.
  • Graphics and mechanics vs Crowfall

    Graphics matter , if both these games come out with current visuals itll hurt the initial hype IMO. People dont build beast rigs to play garbage looking games. 

    Honestly you guys arguing which looks better , both look like hot garbage compared to Korean MMO's. 

    Both games look like PS3/360 games. 
    And how many of those Korean MMOs support 1000 player fights at good frame rates?
  • I thought this was tab targetted?

    time007 said:
    i thought this was originally supposed to be tab targetted, but the recent mmorpg article was saying how aiming is slowly making its way through the game.  so it is manual/twitch or tab targetted?
    For attacking specific players, it is primarily Tab-targetted.

    The manual aiming mentioned in the article is intended mostly for shooting at buildings or ground targets.

    You can also use an ability without a target and then your character will swing a melee weapon in front of him hitting the closest target or will fire an arrow or spell directly ahead which will hit the first enemy it collides with.
  • The Number 1 goal; what it might mean.

    So yeah all the references to massive fights in the interviews that came out for the new investment caught my eye too.

    It's possible what Mark means is just that supporting those fights technically (at good or at least playable frame rates etc) is the prime directive. He has also said on numerous occasions that the game should support all play styles including not just massive battles but group fights and soloing.

    Still until the game is much further along in development to where we can all see the combat and world mechanics in action it is kind of hard to envision how it will have fun 1000 player fights and yet also be fun to solo in. The combat pace and TTK needed for the former would seem to be way too slow for the latter. Mark's answer is that he'll accomplish it by "clever design". We'll see.
  • Camelot Unchained will have PvE

    I always assumed "no PvE" meant exactly what Mark has described. There will be NPCs but you won't earn xp by killing them and they won't drop equippable gear. I guess he could have been clearer though if anybody was confused about it.