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  • Trove is the Most Original MMO Right Now - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    unclemo said:
    DMKano said:
    unclemo said:

    Alvonu said:

    It's Trion tho' - Enough said.

    Yup. Trion is permabanned for me along with EA.

    I am surprised Mr. Hartsman isn't the first to reply. He must be busy spaming his advocacy for Leftism elsewhere this morning.

    Name a single Californian based game studio where majority of the devs are not heavily leaning left.

    Hartsman is pretty outspoken about his political views on his personal Twitter account - but again this has diddly squat to do with Trove, as Hartsman didn't write a single line of code for Trove.

    This is a Trove thread, right?
    It is a Trove thread, which is developed and published by Trion, whose CEO is Scott Hartsman, who promotes Leftist politics in addition to what many consider to be unethical business practices, all of which are subject to scrutiny by this community. 

    Found the Trump supporter. 

    Can't talk about ANYthing without bringing politics into it.

    Even when it has zero relation to anything.
    Honestly I don't care who they support, there's absolutely no point in bringing the devs politics into anything. I don't care if the dev is a republican, a liberal, a leftist, a right wing, anything, as long as the game doesn't have those views being spouted from an NPC or something. 
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  • Marvel & Disney Cut Ties with Gazillion Entertainment, MHO to Shut Down - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    Bye bye, Gazillion. It's glorious to finally see the F2P market crumble.

    That's a little messed up. You are happy to see a game get shut down? I'm almost positive this is an awful thing for anyone who works there. The game was also monetized fairly well, and you could earn everything through playing.
  • FCC killed net neutrality. What does it mean for gamers?

    Rhoklaw said:
    Well, if ISPs can prove the internet is in fact a utility and not simply a luxury, than it will pass through the courts and the internet will become another giant monopoly like all the other utilities.
    It's already a pretty big monopoly. I've lived in countless areas that require you to use Comcast as they pushed out any other competition from that area. 
  • Steam Hammer Early Access Key Sweepstakes! - MMORPG.com

    They keep making Survival games in every possible setting with the same features. The only difference between any of them is what the weapons / buildings look like and what the method of travel is. I don't think this looks interesting in the slightest, I just watched a gameplay and it looked the same as every other early access survival game.
  • This Week at GameSpace - Reviews Galore - Not So MMO - MMORPG.com

    The only thing I have an issue with on Gamespace is how high every review score seems to be. I mean an opinion is an opinion, but I remember how hard it was to see any magazine or publication giving out perfect scores, or close to it, but I see Destiny 2 got a 10, and Edith Finch. Both of which are great but by no means perfect. I guess opinions are opinions though, I still think it's a neat site.
  • Mythic Glory to Enter Open Beta on January 17th - MMORPG.com News

    I can expect the same thing I expect with every R2 game.

    Auto playing MMORPG that is browser based.
    Extreme P2W
    New server openings every day (up to 500 servers online at a time)
    Constant rerolling of whales to maximize leaderboard score but paying to do it
    GIANT Numbers popping up every time you acquire any new gear
    VIP levels gained from paying in the cash shop that directly effect power

    THE ENTIRE GAME PLAYS ITSELF. Every R2 game has every single thing I just listed.
  • iOS Launch Date Announced for February 26th - Villagers and Heroes - MMORPG.com

    Honestly it's pretty fun on the phone. I've been playing on android for a bit. It's one of the only actual MMORPG's on the phone, and has actual gameplay instead of auto pathing everywhere.
  • Monster Hunter World - The List - 5 Things MMOs Can Learn From Monster Hunter World - MMORPG.com

    learis1 said:

    "In MHW, the whole gameplay loop is adventure, hunter monsters, collect their parts, make your loot, repeat."

    Something about this gives me a knot in my stomach. I'm killing a monster to make loot to kill a stronger monster to make stronger loot, ad infinitum.

    That's basically every MMO or progression system in general. You get stronger to take on the next thing. This game just has it all done by you instead of a level system or gear drop system.

    I personally also really like the TTK on the monsters, it feels like you are taking down massive beasts instead of just spamming skills and killing things quickly. But it's also a different type of game. I don't think the MH world would lend it self all too well to an MMO landscape as it is, because the hunts would be all the less spectacular if you have 45 people taking out the same monster on farm. It would have to be instanced and that would cause it to be a little less MMORPG like.
  • Do you think internet cafe would work in America? Which country has the best internet cafes?

    Internet cafes have existed in America before. They have different names in different areas, but I had a local "Lan Center" when I was growing up (it's actually still around and is the longest running one in Washington state). They are amazing when you don't have access to a decent computer, or when you have a big group of friends that want to go play a game. 

    I remember the way it worked was you paid per hour, or a flat fee for all day, it was relatively reasonable as well I think 15 bucks all day or 4 an hour. I would go with a group of friends and play Halo and CS 1.6 and it was great. It was a little iffy if you wanted to install other games or mods, you had to get someone who worked there to do it for you. 

    The weird thing is, everywhere I've lived in has had some form of Lan Center by it (or internet cafe) and they usually got income through large hosted tournaments. Even Gameworks (the big 2 floor arcade in Seattle) has a gaming corner with PC's in it now as well. 

    A few months ago a new one just opened in a mall next to my old house. So they are still popping up here and there.

    I don't see them really working in the sense that they do in Korea where it's HUGE, but the smaller ones get success through hosting tournaments, and being in a good location (by colleges is great to get a lot of people). 
  • H1Z1 - King of the Kill Has Lost 91% of Its Players Since July - MMORPG.com News

    I've played all of the Battle Royale games quire a bit and I think I understand why this happened.

    First let me say, I consider H1Z1 to be a bit better than PUBG for a few reasons, namely the game itself actually plays well and doesn't feel bad to play. It's engine runs a hell of a lot nicer, and has infinitely less bugs. I remember when PUBG was coming out and a majority of my friends who played H1Z1 with me refused to switch because of how buggy it was.

    PUBG has had constant updates, adding new content and optimization to the engine (although it's still not as smooth and still doesn't feel as good as H1Z1 to play IMO) while H1Z1 has had almost 0 updates other than bug fixes and occasional small things.

    H1Z1 hit the market just as it was ramping up, not when it took off. It had a giant playerbase, but because the genre was taking off PUBG hit at the perfect time and it had 20 times the players in a couple months and that killed off the population of the other BR games, because why wouldn't people to go the new hotness that all of their friends are playing.

    It's literally the same situation as MOBA games when Dota 1 was still the main MOBA, and two games came out trying to make it into their own games League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. League came out first, but Heroes of Newerth was the more hardcore of the two, and we know which one hit the boom and the other got left behind then DOTA 2 came out and basically killed off Heroes of Newerths population as the more hardcore MOBA.

    It's weird. People will flock to the bigger game no matter what.