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  • Legion Alpha - Revitalizing Group Play & Class Fantasies?

    Its obvious that Blizzard has learned little or nothing from the failures of other MMO's. The old formula is LONG past its best by date, and that, more than anything else is why MMO's are in decline.

    Forcing people to group has been tried... It failed, and in some cases failed BADLY. There are various reasons that more and more people dislike interacting with other players. Add in simplistic design, and forced grouping, and I'm betting that Legion will see worse drop off numbers than WoD did.
  • MMORPG.com : General : MMOFTW - Smedley's Got a Brand New Game

    Smed being back, is "Brighter news", Bill??... Thats like being happy about the return of the Black Death... ^^
  • "There will not be a PvE server."

    Just about every one of these "sand box" games that have launched for year and years now, has claimed to have some fool proof system to limit ganking.  Time after time, its turned out that the fools are the Dev's and the players who believed them.

    Gankers can be more creative in finding flaws and loop holes than anyone can possibly imagine. They will spend insane amounts of time and focus to find ways to ruin others play experience.  Its a hobby to them.

    I wish those involved the best of luck. Past history says they will need it.
  • The MMOsThat Had It Worst in 2017 - The List - MMORPG.com

    I notice that you didn't mention Wildstar, Bill... I continue to be amazed that NCsoft hasn't pulled the plug yet. From what I hear (rumor) its the pet project of someone in the upper management over there. Given NCsofts long history of axing western games, I'm wondering how long even that will save them.

    Its too bad, as its not a bad game. It does have fun elements, but it tries to be too many things, to too many people. Not to mention the earlier "hard core" focus, in an age of casuals...
  • Ashes of Creation - Intrepid Studios Aims to Breathe New Life into the MMORPG - MMORPG.com

    Sounded good, until they got to the PvP. **Everyone** for a VERY long time, has always thought they had some new, "clever" method to keep ganking and griefing down. Its always turned into a gankfest, with the Dev's fighting an endless war with the gankers/griefers.

    Keeping PvP and PvE separate is the only known way to keep the endlessly creative/inventive gankers/griefers from ruining other peoples play experience.

    The sooner people learn this, the less staff time/talent they will waste in this endless war.
  • RNGeesus

    If you want fun with RN Gesus, try this  ^^

  • Chris Roberts Responds to Recent Allegations | Star Citizen | MMORPG.com

    Seems like our buddy Mr Smart continues with his usual antics.  Anyone who has looked at his past history, *knows* what this is all about.  I'm wondering where the money he is spending is coming from, because I seriously doubt he is spending his own. Thats never been his style for his antics.
  • Call of Duty Swatting leads to death of a innocent man in Kansas

    There is a vast difference between soldiers, and police. Soldiers kill people, and break things. Police (in the old days known as Peace Officers...) are there to maintain the peace, and deescalate situations before they get out of control.

    When you mix the two roles, BAD things happen, as we've seen countless examples of over the years.

  • Warframe - Does Warframe Need a Gear Score? - MMORPG.com

    Not only no, but Hell No... Warframe doesn't need anything like gear score. Then we'd start having the same problem that games that have gear score have. You must be this 733T to play here.

    Picking the proper damage types, and modding your weapons properly is a good start. Then comes experience in their use. Skilled movement is also important.

    A 50 minute survival and the mobs only reached level 40?? In a typical 50 minute, they should be WAY over that. In the 80's to 100 plus most likely.

    Those types of runs require different tactics, and a good group composition.

    Other wise, its going to end badly... ^^

  • Closed Beta Test Impressions - TheHiveLeader | Tree of Savior Videos | MMORPG

    Entertaining as always HiveLeader. I'm not much into grinding games these days, but I may have to see how this one turns out, after its released. 30 years later... ^^