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  • Game dead before it even started?

    I don't think it has to do with listening to pve players over pvp players at all. I would say it has suffered from a lack of clear game design, planning, and implementation from the beginning. Things seem to be done on a whim of an idea and too much experimenting with bad ideas for game mechanics for months on end, and much more time is spent on add ons and POTs than the gameplay, UI, story, animations, creatures, scenes, etc etc etc. It all feels just thrown together from whatever can be bought and used from unity assets.

    I've been a supporter of Sota for 3 years now, and spent lots to get a large rent free deed pledge, so I hate to say it...but there's a reason why the numbers are so low. It's just not a good game. Yes, I know it's not finished as people will say, but at over 3 years now and I can't think of one aspect of the game that's finished or good either for that matter. There's barely anything to do but grind for resources, craft, or kill the same types of creatures over and over for lackluster loot, you can deco a house if you can afford it or sit around and dance or play music with others. It's sad, but there's just no game here, it's bits and pieces of unfinished ideas and terrible gameplay ideas that don't flow well together. :( Nothing is finished, dozens of  cloned scenese and on hold to get POT's finished first, introducing the newest add-on items, and there's rarely anything fun added. I've chalked it up as a bad gamble for now, will log on briefly to refresh house, and will take a look back once it's released to see if it gets better, but I'm not getting my hopes up really.
  • Player's Choice Awards - Most Wanted MMO of 2017 a Awards at MMORPG.com

    I voted for Camelot Unchained.

    I like the idea of Pantheon and will wait until it's released to see if I would buy it.I love that it will be subscription based and a game centered around old school PVE.

    My money will never go toward another crowdfunded game again though. I don't regret my money spent on Camelot Unchained at all and hope it turns out to be really awesome.

    Shroud of the Avatar though has ruined me from ever spending money on another crowdfunded game though, never again. Shroud of the Avatar is a disappointing excuse for the 10.8 million dollars donated and a lost cause, sadly. :(
  • Camelot Unchained - And So 2017 Begins & What It Might Bring - MMORPG.com

    Much respect for MJ and his team. They've built their own engine and taking the time to get things right. Can't wait! :)
  • Release 29 - The Great Divide?

    I'll just be glad when lot selection comes, no more wipes. :)
  • Whats up with the hatred?

    Why does the game have such a low score, and people hating it so much?

    People are saying p2w but so is archeage and bdo and most mmo's out right now with there cash shops

    What makes this one worse?
    It's not hatred, it's disappointment from many early backers that thought they were getting an RPG first and an optional Selective Multi-Player. We all wanted it to succeed, but it's been persistent for over a year now and out over 60k people they have 500 or a thousand left? The only number we have really is from Chris during their seed invest that said a bit more than 500 people login concurrently. What it turned out to be was a half put together mmorpg that does nothing well. In my opinion, yes just opinion, not conspiracy theory hatred, it's a mish mash of the cheapest unity assets all thrown together in a game that looks and plays awkward, with a story that feels thrown together as well, with a cash shop now hidden in game.

    No matter how the devs and few remaining players try to paint the negativity toward this game (yes, they say there is an "organized group" trying to damage the game .. which is a bunch of conspiracy theory). There are however probably 10's of thousands of disappointed "CUSTOMERS", yes customers, that's what the rest of the world calls it, disgruntled customers, disappointed customers, unhappy customers, etc. etc. that are just telling people to try the free trial first before buying it. If the game was good there would be more customers playing, it's that simple.

    I see people all over the net ragging on World of Warcraft but it isn't hurting their customer base.  Remember Warhammer Online, it got slammed by customers and even Mark Jacobs himself slammed for it being so terrible, but did he come back and say "Oh boo hoo, there's an "organized" group or haters trying to hurt my game? NO he pulled up his big boy pants, sucked it up and took the hits even though it wasn't all his fault, because that's what adults do. We own our mistakes, we learn from them, and we do better next time. We don't go around playing the blame game like a bunch of grade school children. Bottom line we're "CUSTOMERS" that were disappointed, nothing more.

  • New P2W SotA philosophy ???

    Aragon100 said:
    I think OP made a important thread that need to be discussed. 

    The game is a P2W game in so many areas and this latest idea make it even more P2W. [mod edit]
    Maybe I'm wrong, but it feels like the discussions doesn't make a difference anymore. It's as if these changes are now final decisions when brought to us, but we're welcome to complain about it. :( I'm not saying that the devs have that attitude at all, they're very pleasant. That's just how it feels as of late for me though. I won't be surprised to see subscription models tacked on before long. :( I am starting to get a bit worried where things are going now, and how much still needs to be done to make it a fun game.

    I'm hanging on and with the game for the long haul, but more nervously now. I still think it needs another year to year and a half to get it to a fun, full fledged game, but am happy to wait to see the end results of completion at the end of the year before I give a review on steam.
  • Project Gorgon - Should You Buy It Now? - MMORPG.com

    I have been yearning for another Asherons Call, but one w/ CONSIDERABLE upgraded graphics, abilities, arena's, and some sandbox elements.
    You and me both. I would love a truly updated graphically, UI, all the bells and whistles redo of Asheron's Call.