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  • MMOs are now Casinos.

    I remember several years ago when the Free to Play conversions started happening, the "freemium" options were really where we saw a lot of companies going. Free games, cash shops, and subscriptions.

    Now, it's all RNG boxes.  Money spent on chances to get the items you want.  Quite literally in a game I've been playing they have an RNG box where you can get a "Jackpot".  

    I don't think that when the western games began the Free 2 Play journey that any of us saw so many of these games adopting a pay to roll scenario.

    So many people just say "well that's RNG, deal with it"  and others say "I would never buy those RNG boxes".

    How do you all feel about the way monetization has ended up in MMOs and online games these days? 
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  • Marvel & Disney Cut Ties with Gazillion Entertainment, MHO to Shut Down - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    They went dark just before the Thor Ragnarok release.

  • Pokemon Go Review - The Biggest MMO in the World

    scorpex-x said:
    I know the MMO market is devoid of new titles and as such, so is this future of this website but you're really stretching the term MMO here
    I don't think it's much of a stretch.. 

    Also look at it this way... you have a much better chance of knowing which players are girls playing Pokemon Go than you do when playing games like WoW
  • Capcom Announces MHW As Its Fastest Selling Game to Date with 6M Copies Shipped - Monster Hunter Wor

    Wow those are some MONSTER sales.  

    See what I did there?



    I'll just... I'll go over there now. 
  • Investigation into Paragon Institute Raises More Than a Few Red Flags - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMORPG

    IceAge said:
    Well, thanks to #MMOFallout's , which happens to be exactly what mmorpg.com is : News, Reviews, And More On All of Your Favorite Massively Multiplayer Online Games , yet, they did their job.

    You mean MMO Fallout that has a specific section for "Crowdfunding Fraudsters"?  You mean like, most of their articles on the front page have to do with said fraudsters and gaming mishaps and investigations?

    MMORPG did their job. They reported the news and more information as it became available. 

    It's still news, the original news article is still correct, and some people (primarily, you) need to deal with it.  Fraud or not, it doesn't invalidate that it is news, that people are responsible for their actions and their wallets, and that posting of any news isn't an endorsement of whatever it is the story is on. 

    It's like some people have never read the news before, lol. 

    News Policeman might be something an orange clown might come up with, but it is not, as of yet, a current occupation. You win no points for trying to shout down an unbiased piece of informative news. 
  • Credible Sources Saying MHO Closing Friday, Not December 31st After All - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    The reason it was so sudden is because Microsoft began refunding players that would call in, and according to some, they received refunds without calling and believe microsoft is auto-issuing refunds.  Playstation was not making refunds easy, but even in some cases people were getting refunds.  

    The microsoft refunds were getting up there, some even received full refunds across the entirety of the time they played,  ranging in the hundreds.  
  • Microsoft unveils its own motion controllers for Windows 10 VR

    SEANMCAD said:

    They follow the lead rather well

    On the contrary, Microsofts sets are solely based around no external sensors of any kind, doing what no other headsets and controls do currently at price points much lower than anything of comparable standards.

    But the real focus is that the reason they can do this, is because they've developed much of the technology for Hololens, and they've allowed several manufacturers to utilize their development achievements to bring down costs of these sets.

    Acer isn't the only one with a set like this releasing within the next year.. Dell has one, Lenovo, HP.. each of them will have a set that Microsoft partnered with, which will bring costs down exponentially -- likely work on the XB1,  and all of them.. yes ALL of them, must meet certain standards that allow for AR.

    They did what Oculus and Vive couldn't.

    So no, they didn't follow the lead,  they took the lead and ran with it.  It's part of their upcoming push for a Hololens Consumer release in winter of 2018.
  • Ubisoft Reveals That The Division 2 is Well Underway - The Division - MMORPG.com

    The Division 2 - Multiplication! 

    Okay, okay, I'm going.  *waves* 
  • PixARK Ready for Steam Early Access Starting March 27th - General News

    I've been thinking about buying it, but worried about getting... blocked. 
  • "A raft of flaws in AMD chips makes bad hacks much, much worse"

    More than a decade ago exploits existed where if you had admin access you could load a modified bios to capture information.  It was one of the reasons why they gave options to password protect the BIOS in the first place.  

    With Admin access to any server, it doesn't matter if they have AMD or Intel chips. At that point you're already in trouble.  While it's possible that this is a vulnerability for AMD chips, poor admin security and compromising your data in the way you'd need to for this to happen is somewhat unlikely for most people that have data worth protecting, and the major security flaw here is losing your admin password information, which, while possible, would also require several other factors to be in play for this exploit to really do some damage.