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  • Guild Wars 2 - Social Media Warfare Takes Down Two Writers at ArenaNet - MMORPG.com

    She lost her last job for similar reasons, some people just can't help themselves and tbh, an employee that purposefully antagonises the companies consumer base is a liability that should be got rid of post haste, Arenanet just did what had to be done.
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  • The ArenaNet Catastrophe Has The Whole Game Industry Rethinking Harassment Policies

    Entirely misleading, there should never be any provision made to protect employees who have behaved in the fashion that Jessica Price did, none. Employers absolutely should have the right to sack employees who publicly attack members of their customer base, especially when such attacks are entirely unprovoked.


    Yongyea has done a number of videos on the subject that are at least fact based, something you are unlikely to get from Kotaku.
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  • Arena Net Firing: Games Media Rally To Defend Fired Guild Wars Dev

    d_20 said:
    Here's a discussion by Laymen Gaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IZYm1c9Jh4

    What do you think about this?

    they are spot on as usual.
    Arenanet didn't really have a choice, they had to fire them as their behaviour was beyond disgraceful, frankly people like that we don't need in game development. :/
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  • James Ohlen Retires from BioWare to 'Take a Break from the Industry' - Star Wars: The Old Republic -

    SBFord said:

    Albatroes said:

    My spider sense is telling me he's jumping ship before Anthem turns into a public dumpster fire. Wasn't there a lot of people jumping ship like a year into Andromeda's development? This should raise some flags, just saying.

    Interesting thought, though not without merit. As I was writing it up, I was pondering that Ohlen was truly one of the last "old guard" BioWare devs. *sighs* Ah the good old days.

    Young whippersnappers don't know NUTHIN' about real RPGs. *sniffs imperiously* Dang kids these days.
    Remember when games told stories, now its just games as a service. dagnabbit!
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  • The ArenaNet Catastrophe Has The Whole Game Industry Rethinking Harassment Policies

    I've read several articles about this... gotta love when youtube nobodies try to tell developers how to do their jobs with obvious statements and then think they are very smart.
    Price shouldn't have answered to that idiot at all, but the guy is a little prick.
    Now he can be happy, he made two people lose their jobs while he keeps on doing his crappy youtube stuff and thinks he's a kind of star.
    By youtuber do you mean a prominent member of the Guild Wars2 community? somehow i think you have a very misleading impression of who Deroir is, and yes i probably spelled that wrong, but even a cursory view of the facts should highlight the fact that it was not he who caused the sacking of Jessica Price etc. Instead he was just the victim of the moment for Jessica Prices toxic behaviour, she earned her sacking fair and square and Mike Obrian has explained in fairly easy to understand terms exactly why she was sacked, that certain elements of the gaming media have chosen to rewrite history to put Jessica Price in the role of the victim is frankly hillarious.
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  • Just picked up 5 games for 31 bucks at Steam :)

    Dragons Dogma, though you might end up forgetting to play the others if you play that one first  ;)
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  • Not interested in the current pay model.

    Renoaku said:
    Same I know the feeling with Albion for example its one of the worst games I have ever backed, although I really doubt that Ashes OF Creation is going to be anywhere like that game, although you don't have to back anything and can just play the game when it releases if you like.

    Although if you are interested in backing I would at least back the $500 pack so you can get a life time subscription.


    It's about time that World OF Warcraft got some competition with really being the only U.S MMO game out there or western game that I am aware of with active subscription numbers.

    http://imgur.com/a/ZPN82 Just showing I actually backed this game because I have some faith in this game given its more open about development and compared to previous projects I backed seems promising.

    Competition with WoW at this late a date? is kind of hillarious in itself, but paying out $500 up front, the equivalent of at least 5 years worth of paid subscriptions in pretty much any P2P MMO out there, for a game that isn't even finished, might never finish, and even if it does you might not even like in its finished state, represents a huge gamble. I really don't understand how you can be so against games that try to protect their own code, and yet you are so willing to gamble significant amounts of money on unfinished games, and games in an unclear state at that. :o
  • Producer's Letter Announces Server Consolodation - Bless - MMORPG.com

    Well, at least they have had plenty of practice shutting the game down  ;)
  • The Division 2 - Ubisoft Announces Release in Q1 2019 - MMORPG.com News

    The Division now is pretty good, but thats not what it was like at launch, it took ages before the game 'got good'. If Ubisoft has learned from this then fine, though personally i will probably end up getting the game 6+ months after launch, same as i did with the original The Division. If there is one thing i have noticed lately is that its is increasingly a disadvantage to buy a game in the first few months of launch. :/
  • The ArenaNet Catastrophe Has The Whole Game Industry Rethinking Harassment Policies

    Scot said:
    "Since then, mobs have tried to employ similar tactics against more women, and game development studios"

    I could not see any other examples of that happing in the article, perhaps I missed them?
    It was the Russians, its always the Russians  :p