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  • most-of-the-real-mmo-players-are-gone-from-this-site

    Developers are making mmorpgs easy because they "think" it appeals to everyone.  

    The "large majority" being mmoprg players are gone from this site, leaving all the fashion players here (BDO,ESO,FF14,SWTOR)...... Very few of the "majority" are sticking around.  

    It's like this: 
    Most of the high school senior class stopped going to school because it turned easy and boring.  The few that are sticking it out like to play football.  But second graders have taken over the high school and they want to play a simple game of kick ball. 

    The entire high school class that had stopped going is obviously STILL ALIVE, just not going to school. 

    Who is to blame here ? 
    - The second graders will blame the seniors. 
    - The high school will blame the seniors.
    - The real answer is the high school....... It's imposable to prove !  

    So why is this impossible to prove ?....... You can't poll the second graders, their second graders.  You can't poll the high school, they don't understand the change.  You can't poll the high school class, they are no where to be found !  

    Since the "large majority" of real mmorpg players are gone, and no where to be found, any poll conducted would use the fashion players (BDO,ESO,FF14,SWTOR).  

    This is why Pantheon will be big............ The "large majority" are still alive, there just pushed to the side, millions of them.  If you see one please offer them a cup of coffee, it's cold !!!! 
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  • I really wish more people understand whats going on.

    Very few players here understand the problem,

    If the game is easy, every quest is boring.  It's like this:

    Your standing on a hill looking down on an encampment full of bad guys.  The objective is to kill the leader and loot his head......Basic quest right ?

    a) easy- You run down hack-and-slash the entire camp kill the leader and on to the next quest.

    b) hard- each and every bad guy is difficult, you know this.  You sit there for a few minuets and plan out how to take on each one separately.  Or you wait for some help.....Strategy !

    The bottom line is every mmo is crap.

    What I don't understand is how everyone is scratching their heads trying to figure out why mmos are dying :( 

    Here's proof,

    If any of you had played any Darksouls games you would know every fight is hard and challenging. If everything were easy the game would be a shell of nothing, absolutely nothing.....Come on !....get with the program and start realizing where the problems are !

    At least every other day, someone ask for a good mmo because they can find one on a list of over 200....This is me, and this is you too !

    The answer is always the standard " play ESO, BDO or FF14 "

  • Why the outrage...I'll cover everything.

    First I'll say this will be one of my last post.

    Their really is not much to see here anymore. Not because their is nothing to talk about that hasn't been covered but the lack of mmos.  Because of a this lack we can only express our feelings.

    I mentioned a few things before, but their true:

    One of my unpopular ones is the definition of what an mmo is.  We throw this word around like it's trash.  The so called open minded posters say they "evolved"......... This is absolutely NOT TRUE...... They are now something else..... Many often say, they are off line solo games where you log in and see other players around you.  PvE is a now mini game.  It's something you do when your feeling frisky !..... The fact is, their designed where no one needs anyone. 

    People here like to say developers are reaching for the largest player base and leave it at that.  Ok, that's what happened, but their still not mmo's. 

    MMO's are not mmos, their something else.  Because theirs no name for the " word ", their still called mmo's, but their not !  It as if a new fruit was invented and they continued calling it a banana.

    It's a 100% fact players didn't ask for changes..... People have yet to prove me wrong, where is this poll ?..... Numbers show players will play anything.  Numbers show players will play what's advertised.  A starving person will eat shit, excuse my language.

    My topic about Vaugard, seemed to draw a large post, fueled with anger.....Why ?..... People wanted and still want an mmo.

    Not much to talk about anymore, the most popular GW2, FF14, and ESO, and BDO are glorified playgrounds not mmos. 

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  • I'll say it again, Pantheon will be huge

    Man, can I beat a dead horse with a stick or what ?

    This time I'm using math without numbers........

    Just look what's going on in the General Discussion Forums.  Then look at any individual game forums, and then look at the Pantheon Forum, and last watch how people react when mentioning Pantheon.  Let me add a little Phycology into the mix with the haters defending their stance on why the game will fail so badly.  They actually look for the fight, their blood boils and they see red when anyone talks about Pantheon, they are the few, wayyyyyyy more people are looking forward to it than not.  BUT, I'll say it again BUT, and I don't want to come across as rude, BUT they will be playing too !..........Wait, What ?........Sorry, this is just how people are, and you know it !.....I'll stop here with the Phycology.....You understand exactly what I'm talking about.

    Just look at a recent posting on in General Discussion ( the pub ), " everyone gets a trophy, mmo's are in a drought ".  It didn't take long before the fight turned to Pantheon and Everquest.  They dominate over the argument.  Pantheon usually winds up in all Pub topics !

    MMo's are in a drought. It's been bad and getting worst !........By release this drought will be real bad.  The people that argue against a problem have something in common with all their post " they are the rosy ones " they always say " everything is fine ", they say this over and over again.  They think their optimism of how things are is just fine !.....They play the middle ground thinking their liked by all and they are the non-arguing types, when in fact they argue a lot.  They are truly the minority but loud about it.

    We are in a drought !......And Pantheon is here to save it !

    I'll leave you with this because it's important:

    No matter how bad you argue against Pantheon, you will have no choice but to be part of the mainstream....That's human nature.

    They better be ready for a large population and the servers WILL crash :) 

  • Why the Pub is wortless here at mmorpg.

    Have you ever argued with a household cat over spilling the milk bowl.... You know the cat is wrong, it's a fact, but trying to get your point across is impossible no matter how you phrase it. 

    In the topic here "why mmos are dying" and out of 186 replies, and 4.6K viewers, MANY are saying the same thing using different words to express the EXACT SAME THING. 

    Infact I would say the right answer is the POPULAR answer.  But its spread among at least 25 other wrong answers. 

    If someone were to use percentages like "I feel 33% here agree with me", the population would focus on where you got 33% from ?....... Knowing full well no one can figure the percentage, but to undermine you. 

    Even in this reply where I stated "25 wrong answers"...... This in itself gives the argument power to undermine.  We basically have a back door to twist anything around:

    - using percentages would get you killed.
    - stating it's a fact would get you killed.
    - using I believe would get you killed.
    - bad spelling will get you killed (me). 
    - the way you phrase your topic will get you killed (me).
    - the most popular....people here will kill you just to have fun.
    - the other most popular.  Around ten hardcore posters control ALL TOPICS. 
    - another more popular.  People often argue just because they like to win. They my not even care !

    This topic was inspired by seeing the RIGHT answer many times in the topic "why mmos are dying".  I'm actually afraid to say what that right answer is because it would open up the back door for argument !!! 

    The Pub is truly worthless..... I stick to sub topics, but even still the same ten follow.
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  • Why do MMORPG's suck so much these days

    Scolioz said:
    The first MMORPG I played was Asheron's Call back in 1999 / 2000 and there hasn't been any MMO game since than that held my attention like that one did. World of Warcraft was the only one that kept me playing for about 6 months when it first came out.

    It's all just shit.

    Their small (30 days), their on rails,their easy, abilities don't count for anything, they have CASH SHOPS.... Dungeons are mini games. No reason to get to know the people. 

    Should I go on ? 
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  • I really wish more people understand whats going on.

    cheyane said:
    My goodness you're getting to be as annoying as that other guy who constantly creates threads about not spending money on games.

    Post after post...People can't find even one game.

    Post after post...People are not finding any challenge

    Post after post...People are saying mmos are dying

    Post after post...People are slamming every mmo that comes out in the sub forums

    Post after post...more are mad about cash shops than not

    Post after post...People say quest suck

    Yet, the same vocal 10 people are saying everything is fine

    Polls are constantly made about games are dying, cash shops, theme park vs. open world....Its always CLEAR in every one that players are not happy usually 60% or more !!!.....But the reply's come from the same 10 people, the majority are spectators and they completely disagree !

  • Anyone else want levels to take a while?

    Viper482 said:
    DMKano said:
    How do you build memories in a short 3 week game ?

    Why would you build your own community of friends in a 3 week mmo ?

    How do you REALLY define and fine tune your character in a 3 week mmo ?

    Why even call it an mmo in a 3 week game and not just a video game ?

    How fun is making an alt that may be needed by your Guild if you play the exact same content over ?

    Why craft in a 3 week game >

    Well, by reading all the replies it seems the majority don't like short 3 week games anyway.  This topic is really not needed.........However, I guess it needs to be mentioned to show developers to make mmos for us instead of their quick cash hit and run games !!!! 

    One reason I like Pantheon is that I have total faith in this development team :)

    what you are completely failing to take into account is the typical F2P player will come back at some point - as the game is zero cost - so with patches, expansions etc... F2P players come back to play for a few more weeks.

    it's not like - hey I'll play this game for 3 weeks and that's it. A good % do come back and keep coming back, because there is no fee to come back.

    So the way it looks in F2P games - it's constant churn - launch population spike, then decline as players move on 2-6 weeks later... then you have a content patch, another (smaller) spike... then players leave again etc...

    Now in a pure subscription model - you lose a player, it's a lot harder to "win" them back because even if they want to check out that new patch for 5minutes - they have to pay a full month price, which makes many say - no thanks.

    Dude, you've been talking this crap for the past few years, and all we have gotten out of the genre is just that....crap. If you build a great game people will want to stay and play it for more than a few weeks. Also with a sub there is more of an investment in it. Show me a legit stat that shows people come back to free to play games more than they do sub games. Because even when I have gone back to a non-sub game like ESO, I still pay the sub. People that don't want to pay subs don't pay crap anyway. Why cater to freeloaders? 

    Ya, DMKano has been trying to persuade everyone that everything mmo is rosy, and he ignoring that everyone is complaining....He even go so far to say "no one is complaining"...Go figure.

    He clams to have inside info.  Maybe he does have some kind of connection but his data source is wrong and no better than us, in fact worst !!!!!!!

  • Suprised about American Truck Simulator MP

    I had an vehicle accident two and a half years ago, my fault unfortunately first time too.  My insurance lady told me I have to go three years without any accident's or points.  

    I can't risk a game like this :(
  • Do you prefer low TECH ON PURPOSE ?

    Classic mmos obviously didn't have anything dynamic or any sort of gimmicks.  They were more straight forward. 

    Sure some you had weather effects.  Or a monster that would have it's own personality that would shock the player with instant death if you made the wrong move.  Or take fire damage if standing in the wrong place. 

    By gimmicks and dynamic events I'm talking about "way out stuff" like getting on a helicopters and dropping bombs, or going into your very own story instance to tell a three hundred part personal story designed just for you.  Taking down a massive dragon while auto grouped, then everyone gets first place...... Do you like this ?

    Pantheon seems to have natural occurrences ( if you can call fantasy natural ).  Like weather and approaching a random mystical orb where the group has no idea what would happen, even if so, everyone knows it comes with consequences.

    Pantheon seems to have problematic open dungeons camps and caves right their in the open.... You can see it without going into a video.  You know it's their, the question is do you go around or do you have the guts.  Maybe it's a group decision.  Maybe you need to prepare.

    To me this is LOW TECH ON PURPOSE, yet still have high tech..... Hold on a little, let me explain more. 

    It's unspoken how you can have both. 

    The best example is monsters with extreme personalities.  Check out games like "Dark Souls" where every boss had a deep strength or vulnerability, or "The Witcher" where you had to read your bestiality book to find what works.  Same with "Shadows of Mordor".  All this at first glance seems easy but it's not if you really want to take them down.

    Their is no HIGH TECH in Dark Souls, it you want to sum it all up, you simply run a direct path killing everything in it's path, that's it.  BUT the High Tech is in the programming. and the high tech is huge ! 

    Remember the commercial "Calgon take me away"....... I don't want to be taken away into a high tech video in the middle of a fight, just so developers could say, "see what we did" ...... I want to be immersed in deep problematic situations that took balls getting into the first place :) 

    What do you like, this or Black Desert Online ?