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I'm not your average gamer and not your average person. Just somebody with ideals beyond the majorities logical understanding.


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  • What is the Best RPG of All Time In Your Opinion?

    tie between KOTOR and the entirety of the Mass Effect series. Shame the true Bioware doesn't exist anymore.
  • Daybreak Pulling the Plug

    Deivos said:
    Saw this coming sadly as many others did. I had some of my fondest moments in gaming in Planetside, RIP old friend. May your eternal resting place be BFR free and full of barneys to kill.
    As a Vanu I find that mean spirited. >_>

    Don't hate us 'cause you ain't us.
    I'm sorry Deivos, in your honor. I will select the TR as our mutual target then, but I call dibs on Heyoka Tech Plant. Gotta have them Vannies to roll out later when us NC get sandwiched!
  • Star Trek Online Questions

    Not sure what Moirae is on about, there's practically no active PVP in STO. Everything is PVE based, matter of fact once you get your top level ship and gear fleshed out in your ship. You might start with joining in on some of the crazy DPS races for the raids and active events. There's tons of content and story arc's in the game that makes it worthwhile.

    Ironically I'm not even a star trek fan, so I actually ended up learning a lot of the background lore from the game. It had me a peeled for a good year about 2-3 years back when I was in a gaming lull. I haven't been active in it for over a year now so I can't comment on population but I do keep up with the updates. I know they added a lot of more stuff now thanks to the new show.

    Overall, MMO wise I'd give it a solid 7/10, it'll scratch your space itch that you're seeking for at least a little while. It's actually a game where you find out really quickly whether you will like it or not, none of that "wait til cap!" crap. Although I will say the ground combat and story lines are a little more interesting mid to upper levels.
  • What are you playing? (April 2016 edition)

    I've gone back to my roots and joined the Star Wars Galaxies Awakening Server. Haven't been this peeled onto a game since well... SWG and the original Planetside. Don't really see anything else around that will keep me interested in the near future, Tom Clancy was great, for a week.