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  • Blizzard Will Fix the Leveling Pace...Once Devs Know Where the Issue Is - World of Warcraft - MMORPG

    Only 200k more boars to go...
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  • Alleged Perpetrator of Call of Duty WWII 'Swatting' Death Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter - M

    I don't agree with Swatting, but still he isn't the one who did the murder, he did a crime absolutely, but as we all know police who shoot innocent people get away with pretty much everything and are not held accountable simply because of the fact they are the LAW, and because of Training, even though it was clearly a hoax they could have prevented the shooting in the first place I mean Swat Team has AR-15's with scopes they could have known if they were armed for sure.

    Also, clearly this kid was dumb because he clearly used his home phone, with spoofing APPS to make a prank call, this is something you would never do, and it is absolutely possible to SWAT people while remaining 100% untraceable, and Anonymous given the fact anyone can buy disposable phones which are only used one time, and much better methods to actually make it untraceable which is why this kid was indeed stupid.

    3 Years may not seem like a long time to most, but 3 years in jail is a long time to those who are actually in jail/prison for years.

    Either way Law Enforcement needs to do a better job at screening these calls because even I knew just by listening to the 9/11 call that this was a hoax, but then I've been around the whole internet trolling/griefing thing for years to recognize these kinds of calls very easily.
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  • Blizzard Takes Aim, Closes Newly Opened TBC Private Server - World of Warcraft News

    I agree they dont need to destroy private servers Like I understand there are copyright laws and they are within rights to do it but they might as well license it under certain conditions or something because really Blizzard killed World OF Warcraft what do they expect people want the Old WOW not this cheap stuff Blizzard has came up today which basically shows the decline of MMO games.
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  • Rift - Prepare for Prime - MMORPG.com

    Again Trion screws up not interested in prime, and why I am not, why the heck would you restrict all Cash Shop items that are not actually Pay 2 Win, in fact the game isn't even Pay 2 Win to begin with, I have a character with like all Trade-Crafts maxed on it do you really think I would want to give that up to play on a prime server and have to level multiple characters to do that, No Thanks...

    Personally I am staying away from Trions games at the moment first "Arche Age Ruined", and now Rift, no idea who is in charge of management over there at Trion worlds but clearly they have no idea how to run a MMORPG company, yet there is a reason why "Black Desert" and games like "PUBG" are doing so good at the moment, even Monster Hunter World???
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  • Launch Day & Beyond - Our Exclusive Interview with Stefan Wiezorek - Albion Online Interviews

    So what I would love to know is who is actually running this company, what I consider from personal experience a company of liars whom of which banned my account during the last beta for life and say I purchased currency with Real Money, without evidence, there is no doubt about a rule broken, but I question the integrity of this company and who is really running it when every time I try to login it says banned for 3rd party gold purchase, but they refuse to answer the question in the mail with actual proof.

    So I really question the integrity of this company as being the first MMO from Germany I have ever backed for 4 years and never had any previous infractions on the account.

    Speaking of Integrity I also don't understand what they mean about exploits, if a person is intentionally abusing a bug or exploit it has to be fixed immediately, for example boss glitching as no doubt there might be one or two if a user finds an exploit and is abused action needs to be taken because resources are a key part in this game when it comes to crafting and stuff. I also love how whoever this "Stefan Wiezorek" person is says without their founders it wouldn't be possible, but in within the game rules, they can't even make them easy to understand for its customers, and founders such as myself, they have made a few changes making it easier to understand but in general they needed to do what Rune Scape did with their rules and make it easier to understand there. https://runescape.com/game-guide/rules
  • Another MOBA, But So Much More - MXM: Master X Master Review - MMORPG.com

    Sadly MXM has Game Guard, this is a reason I won't play it even if it is or isn't a good Game, remove the Rootkit and I will install it.

    There is no need for such an Anti-Cheat when "DOTA 2" and "Riot Games" do not use Anti-Cheats, and if they do its their own (Not Malicious 3rd parties.)
  • Servers Coming Down for 2 Days for Merger Process - ArcheAge - MMORPG.com

    Trion completely destroyed Arche Age, between the massive farms I had I was pulling between 4-10 Thunder Strucks a week...

    All Trion has done is taken a great game which I wish I was a manager in to make the game great again and throw it into the trash its sad to see one of the best games with potential go to waste because of Trion, and their Greed, but take it from someone who spent over $1000 in the game over years don't bother with the game, or even BDO for that matter because they are starting to do the same things too besides XingCode issue I hate with it.

    Also ESO is the only reputable MMO worth playing at the moment besides some older games like World OF Warcraft, or Guild Wars 2.
  • Elder Scrolls Online - Summerset Isles First Impressions - MMORPG.com

    Well this looks nice, but I am waiting for an upgrade to expand the economy and the crafting system like more interaction with player housing and stuff, and the ability to grow farm land and stuff on the players homestead.
  • Job Postings Show Up for 'Next-Gen Console / PC MMO' Based on Aion IP - Aion - MMORPG.com

    Free 2 Play, With Pay 2 Enjoy NC Coin Cash Shop !

    $10 Per Plastic Surgery Ticket, while BDO is like $10 for an entire month of character editing...
  • In-Game Purchase Warning to be Added to Physical Boxes by EU Games Rating Board - MMORPG.com News


    Need a new one that has a picture of A whale for games like BDO, and Game OF War...

    Also many cellphone apps still violating EU gambling law with lootbox.