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  • Game to Close on February 21, 2017 - Landmark - MMORPG.com

    DMKano said:
    long overdue, should have been sunset same day as eqnext
    "Launched" and operated for "a period of time" to protect themselves from pre-order refund claims I assume. 
  • How Smedly Madeoff with EQ Next! Sad day for MMORPG's


    In fact just about the opposite of what you said. What they should have done was adopt a low risk strategy and just keep on churning out expansions for EQ1 and EQ2. They didn't. They released new products - trying the f2p market with things like Free Realms and Clone Wars (with the usual trumpeting of account numbers 20M and 10M or the other way around). They attempted to buy in "failed" games and turn them around: Vanguard, MXO. They attempted to act as a distributor for other peoples games - Flying Labs PotBS. And I am sure I have missed some titles.

    And they had a bright idea with EQL (subsequently Landmark) and EQN. The idea being that people would create content in Landmark to port to EQN solving the huge issue of developers not being able to produce enough new content cheaply enough (they could make it fast enough if they hired enough people).

    None of them worked that well and c. 2010 financial issues started to catch up. They stopped taking on new staff; closed down some "new concepts" and started a serious of almost annual staff reductions from a peak of over 1,000 staff. With lots of reorganisations. They still tried however to create new games. They worked on Landmark but were being pushed - not unreasonably - to generate some money to pay the bills. The cash cow that was EQ1 and to an extent EQ2 had stopped giving.  So they pushed out Landmark as an alpha - as a cash grab and switched resources to H1Z1 - Smed explaining at the time they only had the resources to properly develop one game. And H1Z1 launched - as a cash grab but by then Sony had written off $60M and talks to see were underway. SoE was no more shortly after H1Z1 launched.

    If they had simply maintained a team of a couple of hundred, tended to EQ1 and EQ2 and taken no risks they probably would still have been around - as SoE - today.

    They took risks though - tried to develop new games, save other games etc. They just ended up being "bad" at it from a financial point of view - as in making enough money to pay the bills.. 
  • Now Built with Lumberyard & 2.6 with Star Marine Launches - Star Citizen - MMORPG.com

    wyldmagik said:
    what? lol so they decided the one they butchered and pushed to the max wont handle the job :D
    Maybe but I can think of other reasons they would switch:
    • Big reason: Lumberyard is free
    • Possible reason: it is cross platform
    • bonus reasons: Twitch integration, Amazon are rolling out new features, publicity, etc.
    And - clearly - the Lumberyard engine has been designed to accept stuff done in the Cry engine - no surprise really given Lumberyard is simply CryEngine plus some stuff.

    When they started none of the available engines offered a complete solution; in-house work was going to be needed. Which meant recruiting skilled staff. I believe that one of the reasons they went with Cry is that there was a pool of ex-Crysis staff available for hire in one place. And setting up a German office facilitated this. I don't know this but I do know that recruiting staff can be expensive and time consuming.

  • Epic to Close Paragon on April 26th - Paragon - MMORPG.com

    Credit to Epic for giving buyers a full refund.

    (Could have been interesting if they hadn'y but they tackled the issue head on.)
  • Now Built with Lumberyard & 2.6 with Star Marine Launches - Star Citizen - MMORPG.com

    Asm0deus said:
    Dunno what the big hoopla is all about Lumberyard is just a renamed cryengine really with some tweaks I would guess that amazon made. <snip>
    My thoughts as well.

    If you can move from CryEngine to enhanced CryEngine, do so quickly and painlessly and the Amazon licence agreement allows you to carry on doing your own stuff (which it does) why wouldn't you?
  • Game to Close on February 21, 2017 - Landmark - MMORPG.com

    I think the chance of DBG investing the money needed to make EQ3 - rounded down - is 0%. Even if it was an EQ themed H1Z1 I'm not sure it would happen.

    Happy to be wrong but simply can't see it happening.
  • Creating an Immersive World - 1st vs 3rd Person Explained - Sea of Thieves News

    It should be realistic I tell you - as long as my character comes back to life after being killed ....
  • Squadron 42: See Mark Hamill in Action in Nifty New In-Game Video - Star Citizen Videos - MMORPG.com

    Interesting fact: Mark Hamil was a better known actor at the time of Star Wars than Harrison Ford - so HF got $10k, MH got $650k + 0.025 of the film's profit! And he has remained very busy.

    However for SQ42 the crucial thing - whatever ones views on his ability as an actor - is the publicity value plus potentially his industry experience. 

    I do wonder whether he has a soft spot for "Wing Commander" - happy experiences maybe. He certainly doesn't "need" the  work!  
  • Hawaiian Bill Targets Games with Loot Boxes & Limiting Sales to Minors - General News

    The State will protect you from evil loot boxes! The State will parent your children for you! The State will guide you! The State will provide for you! All hail the Almighty State!
    Fortunately this type of mentality pretty much died out round about the Late Stone Age / Bronze Age allowing mankind to climb out of barbarism.

    But hey scrap the military (its a state function), police - or are you advocating that "the state" shouldn't stop e.g. drug traffickers selling hard drugs to kids; schools (mostly state); courts; infrastructure etc. etc. etc. .......

    Can there be to much control - absolutely; most countries though have found a balance. Most.
  • Elder Scrolls Online - The Conundrum of the Dragon Knight - MMORPG.com

    I bought this game on Steam on sale. I own the base game. I've tried it and for some reason just cannot seem to keep my attention focused on it. Part of it is the UI. I just don't really like it. Maybe that's all it is. I'm not sure, but I've always wanted to get in and start crafting.

    Maybe I'll try to kick the tires.

    What is a good resource to read up on classes and builds to learn a good solo leveling build/class?