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  • Pantheon, what are you expecting ?

    Margrave said:
    While I have hopes for the title to be another EQ1 style mmorpg.

    I loved EQ1 back in the day, but it did have somethings I hated about it.

    I put up with those bad things as there was no better choice; however, there are many choices these days. The mmo market is rather flooded.

    Flooded with crap mmo's you mean.  Pantheon doesnt need BDO style character creation or bunny hop jump flip roll dodging to make it.  It doesnt need to be more like the dozens of other mmos flooding the market that we arent playing.
  • What would it take for you to pledge?

    If it does release there will be about 9,000 threads on this site talking about how amazing it is, how terrible it is and someone will explain how it is going to save the world.
    Brad will be vilified, glorified, canonized and crucified all in the same day. 
    Someone will bring up Vanguard 400 times and Everquest about 700 times. Around 9 people will get banned, the casuals will complain it is too hard, the hardcore will complain it is too easy. It will dominate the news threads for a month, Suzie will get mad someone did not send her a tip about a new feature coming to the game in an update and instead made their own thread about it, She will finally snap and they will be one of the 9 banned. MikeB will close 8,990 of the threads and Bill Murphy will not be seen for 3 months because he is too busy playing the game and can't figure a way to stop.
    Oh and Wizardry will hate it. Because he hates everything.
    And dont forget the auction house or lack of.
  • Pre-Alpha Starts Today!

    I call this the pre-payment phase, because its before my first payment.  Will be looking forward to post-payment as soon as they set a date.
  • Graphics

    Honestly, one person claiming their mmo is superior and eq is crap has much less credibility than someone that claims his position based on numbers.

    Numbers dont tell the whole story its true, but one person's personal opinion (trying to cast it as fact) is worth even less.  Especially when his intent is not to promote something, but to trash something.
  • Dev Stream of the 21th of November 2017

    its gorgeous
    Love the graphics, shadows, even grass and moss
  • Having time to play

    They have already said (quoting from memory)
    "If you log in and none of your friends are on there will still be plenty to do solo"
  • Collections

    Collections always seemed to me to be anti-lore.  Its like: lets just drop some random crap here and there and over there and players have to run around to pick it up.  No reason for it to be there and no real purpose to the bits except that you pick them up and you get xp.  My vote is no.

    edit: Id be for it if it wasnt so damn vanilla.  Make the collection give you a new spell or something.  Not another 1k xp.