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  • Been 11 years since I last played an MMO for more than a few days...

    Have to agree.When i played SWG back in 2003 i was amazed how much you got drawn into the world and your character became so important to you
    it was a complex almost breathing world where everyone interacted
    mmorpg have certainly gone a wrong way since then
  • MMOFTW - EverQuest Next is Cancelled - EverQuest Next

    EQnext was something i feel smedley wanted to get right.had he it would probably go on to be the most franchised mmorpg of all time
    remember he scrapped it when it was turning into a classic EQ1 or some will say wow clone and went on to redesign it but with very big ideas.
    when sony money stopped supporting it the end was there.
    while they claim it was a recent decision i am almost sure smedley and few higher ups already knew when it become daybreak games that it was a goner.
    no update in 1 year pretty much spelled it out to the public.
    Sadly i seen verrant then soe then daybreak games go thru a stage of devolution.
    From the interactive and daring gaming company from 1990s to 2003(tbh i felt the company actually got much better when brad left!).inovating ideas seen in EQ ,planetside and SWG.
    And then it took a big knock.firstly it had an unease partnership with lucasarts which started the downfall of SWG.Then the biggest blow that they never recovered from was EQ2 losing badly to WoW.
    From there is just got worse and worse.
    Failure to make better on games they bought over such as vanguard and a few others.
    Then cloning planetside 2 as a battelfield mmorg rather then an updated planetside
    The story kept getting worse and worse.
    Some fault lies with the developers themself.My recent time in EQ1 progression servers showed how stagnant some of the developers are like holly who actually tries to please a few over the rest and calmly declared in an article how only hardcore deserve to see the best content
    Now they actually are just money grabbing in a dodgy way.splitting h1z1 into 2 when its just really 1 game to sell seperately
    To now declaring landmark will launch.Why ?it was there for players to help build the world of EQnext.i doubt more then a handful would ever buy landmark if there was not going to be EQnext.
    Likely to stop people demanding their money back they are launching landmark rather then do the honorable thing and just admitting they took people money for a product people would not have bought if there was not going to be EQnext
    those who know me know i have supported this company for years even before this site went live.I even supported it when brad was there making changes for 1 certain guild to the whole game,saying he be gone soon and things would change (which it did for a while at least)
    But sorry i have to admitted i would not support it anymore.i think i have bought nearly every soe game out there and in a space of 10 years + have been always subbed to this company.
    I still got h1z1 i play once in a blue moon but that is pretty much it now.
    Certainly would not pay a dime to them anymore.
    They are a shadow of themselves now and a poor shadow at that.I see a day very soon that the company sells off its titles to someone like broadsword and folds as happened to mythic and origin
  • Limited Free Trial Through March 9th - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    feel sorry for those who invested heavily into it.Just a warning for other developers riding on their name alone .
  • No need for perserverence, mmo's are in a drought because 'everyone gets a trophy'

    Actually reason WoW made such a splash was because the market was so niche before and wow changed that
    Honestly pre WoW ,mmorpg took time and i mean time.So you could love challenges ,you could be social ,you could have all the elements to enjoy mmorpg but if you did not have time you are unable to do much really.
    Wow came and made it possible to do this and even vanilla WoW was still a bit niche that you could not explore all there is to see if you did not plough many hours a day in it
    Indeed WoW did hit the peak when you could do all that with limited time and hardcore could raid at higher difficulty and get better loot which was fair
    I do not want to go back to the days of EQ1 which meant waiting ages to get a group and then clearing trash for hours to get to a named and if you wipe sit on the computer for hours still .Then hear rumours of some amazing zone you could raid but wait only top 2 guilds with zillions of playtime can go there so tough.

  • How do you guys decide on character names?

    weirdly enough one character that always makes it into any new game i have and is actually my user name for some sites is actually a computer generated name from everquest
    back in those days i could not pick anything which was not taken that i liked so went with this random generated characters and  died so many times until eventually a druid i made made it past first 5 levels and never had the heart to re roll
    he was not my main but was logged in regularly thru my who everquest character and then became a name in all my games
  • Why is SWG allowed to operate?

    soe (daybreak) certainly do not care as it the licence was taken off them
    lucasarts is now disney who have bigger fish to fry then few k at best playing this game who are not intrested in swtor anyhow and it helps keep them in the star wars spirit .so not hurting them and might indirectly beenfit them