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You do the right thing for the right reason. Not because everyone is looking at you but because it''s the right thing to do.A Texas Ranger


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  • Why I no longer frequent mmorpg.com

    Actually I chase LOLs.  I enjoy getting people to laugh.  Since my humor can be rather esoteric or relies on prior knowledge it means I have found someone who understands me. At least for a little while.
  • Official MMORPG.COM Devilian Guild "Poopsicle"

    i don't join guilds with idiotic inappropriate names. 
  • Former Bioware Employee Who Worked On Mass Effect Andromeda Reveals Awful Working Conditions

    Human Resources in any company is there to protect the company from the employee and not to protect the employee. 
  • Want to bitch about video game face animation? Here you go.

    MLB The Show 17 by Sony. Although they did fix it.

  • Escape from Tarkov Game Key Sweepstakes - MMORPG.com

    Hyrius said:
    Wow! As a poor Brazilian, I am REALLY interested! :D
    Good luck, everyone. (:
    Ahh, yes. Brazilians meeting Russians.  I can hear it now.  

    "Suka blyat!"


    Yes, I know they are stereotypes.
  • Where are we on VR?

    Same as it was when it came out.  Too expensive for too little VR content.  I'll wait a couple of years. 
  • Warframe - Does Warframe Need a Gear Score? - MMORPG.com

    Siris23 said:
    I never really understood the hated of gear score, it's just an extension of character level.

    You wouldn't invite a lvl 40 to do lvl 50 content, why would you invite a GS 400 player to do content designed for GS 500?
    Warframe does not and should never limit who runs with who.  A MR 1 player can be in a mission with three MR 23 (current max) players.  The MR rating is largely an indicator of how many weapons, warframes, sentinels and pets a player has chosen to maximize on their levels.

    An MR 6 player who has chosen to only level one warframe and a few weapons can be as good as the player who has maximized all weapons and warframes.

    Gear score would mean nothing in Warframe. 

    IF you don't want to run with random players then set your mission setting to 'Friends only'.  Of course that will mean you need friends.

    Word of advice to the article's author.  Break those mega paragraphs up into about 3-6 paragraphs each.
  • This website has significant power and with great power comes great responsibility. (MMO Related).

    Consumer Reports is >>> thataways  https://www.consumerreports.org
  • Warframe - Barrier to Entry – Newbie’s Starter Guide to Warframe - MMORPG.com

    Warframe is a colossal waste of time - a loot based game in which you can't actually just loot anything that you can just USE. It's a massive hamster wheel with floaty/clunky combat and unsatisfying gunplay. 6.6 is more than fair. If you value your time, steer clear of this game.

    Shouldn't you put this as just your opinion? I mean the millions of players who enjoy the game would differ with you and ask what isn't a waste of time for you then? I mean you make it seem as if what you say is fact and not your opinion.
    Do you need every person you meet to state their opinion is an opinion?  Do you need those whose opinion agree with yours to state it's their opinion?  Or just those who disagree with you?  Do you state the your opinion is an opinion every time you give one?
  • Is it possible, when a game is shutting down, to buy the source code for the game?

    Ungood said:
    I was thinking since a few games are shuttering soon, Gigantic and Paragon, etc. 

    But let's say a game like Wildstar shutters up and shuts down. Could another company say, "we'll buy the source code for Wildstar, change a few things around, rebrand it under a different name, and see if we can make it work?"

    It seems like it may be a cheaper way to get an MMO to your liking. Instead of starting from scratch, you start with something, spend a year, changing the shit out of it, have good marketing, make it innovative, or add some lootbox shit in there if you want, and see if you can make a profit out of it. 

    I know it is difficult, and some companies have tried that with Secret World Legends and darkfall was taken by two different companies and then re-released with differences. 

    But I wonder how much the source code would cost for wildstar per se? I think, and I could be wrong, that it may be easier to rebrand an MMO then make one from scratch, the problem you face, is that if a game shuttered, it already has made a bad impression, but it is cheaper :)


    disclaimer: I'm nowhere near the software field, so i'm just trying to learn things. 
    Yes, in fact, in some cases, the whole game can be sold to another publisher and development studio. 

    This happens a lot more then you would think to be honest, for example, Daybreak (publisher of Everquest) has bought several MMO's when their publishes were considering closing them down.

    One example that I know of off the top of my head, is when Turbine Inc moved out of the MMO market and as opposed to shutting down their MMO's (Which Include such titles as: Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and dragons Online, and Ashron's Call) they sold them off to Daybreak. Daybreak then made a subsidiary studio called Standing Stone Games, hired the now "downsized" developers from Turbine and just kept the game going, as it always had, with no problems, not even a single day of play was lost in the transition.

    Turbine sold nothing to Daybreak Games.  Turbine was purchased by Warner Bros and their products were handed off to a newly created WB subsidiary call Standing Stone Games.   Daybreak Games is contracted as the publisher for those games.   Daybreak Games own none of the games originated by Turbine.