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I have been an avid computer gamer since 1989.  I only did FPS and Sims (Flight and Mech) before 2004, and then I started playing City of Heroes (RIP), which hooked me hard!  I have played almost nothing but MMORPGs since.


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  • How Can MMOs Be Monetized Fairly? a Column at MMORPG.com

    I still thing ESO has the correct business model for most games.  B2P, you can sub or purchase DLC as you go.  Or not pay anything.  It is entirely up to you.  There are a lot of games out there that would get a real boost with this monetization system.
  • The Statesman in MXM is a Disservice to City of Heroes Fans - Bill Murphy at MMORPG.com

    This whole thing is not about gaining popularity with former CoH fans.  Adding Statesman (& I bet he is the first of many CoH NPCs that will be added) was merely a warning to the CoH successor projects to watch how close they get to THEIR IP.  Because NCsoft STILL OWNS that IP, even if they really have nothing much they want to do with it.

    As far as myself, a stalwart CoH fan goes, not sure whether my red face is from anger or the slap in the face...
  • Neowiz Committed to Bringing the Game to the West - Bless - MMORPG.com

    I'm looking forward to it.  The problems they had were with monetization, not server problems or combat.  Apparently, they don't want this game to be P2W in the west, and they are having trouble finding a publisher that agrees.
  • KR Rebuild Project Progressing Nicely, See For Yourself - Bless Videos - MMORPG.com

    I just want them to finish! I want to play this game!
  • Combat Alpha Coming in the Latter Half of February - Ship of Heroes - MMORPG.com


    What the team is looking for is input. They want people outside of the dev team to try their hands at the game. They invited me to help with network stress testing, but I was unable to because their testing times are when I am starting work. They want to make sure they are heading in the right direction, and they need testers for that. They plan on inviting small groups so they can get fresh eyes on 'their baby'. They will test a couple of days, adjust for a week, test for a couple of days, adjust, etc... So this is really pre-alpha testing. Once they are satisfied with the basic game, they will have what people now consider a 'real' alpha test.

    I want to to say a couple of things. I've met the CEO. I've met his family. I've seen dozens of hours of testing video. I have talked to several members of their dev team. I get regular updates from the CEO and the lead developer, and I am working on my third article on this game to submit to MMORPG.com for consideration. I've seen ideas submitted by their forum users being implemented in the game. This project is the real deal, and aimed at former CoH players looking for a new home.

    This project started in April 2016. I think the progress they have made is pretty impressive. Even if this escorted alpha testing is limited, how many games would even be this far in 22 months with a part time, mostly unpaid or very underpaid dev team?

    Later this year, they will have 'real' alpha testing and at the end of the year they are going to start a paid beta phase, so that they will have the funding needed to finish the project. If you want to help support the game to fruition, join in! If you want to wait, their open beta will be starting sometime in Q2 2019 and their release is planned for early July 2019, which will be 39 months after they started.
  • Ship of Heroes - Discord Q&A Wrap Report - MMORPG.com

    I enjoy these updates on Ship of Heroes, but isn't there ever any news on Valiance or City of Titans? Or is there some sort of exclusive arrangement here?

    I think their marketing/PR guys just happen to be better than the others. Plus, I don't recall the others updating the public this frequently. It's been a while since I've checked their sites however.

    While SoH does have a marketing guy on board who is very good, a lot of the visible updates and reports comes from fans, like me. This is the 2nd article I have written about SoH, and fans have written/ made other articles, such as Nephthys on this site and on 2P.com, and the Positive Gamer on YouTube.
  • Hitting 'Em Where It Hurts, EA's Stocks Lose Over $3.1 Billion in a Month - SW Battlefront 2 News

    Here is what will happen...

    EA, and all of the others, will back off of MTs being needed to advance.  We will see a renaissance of old school systems, and this will last... about 6-10 weeks.  By that time the players will quiet down about the loot boxes and MT, and the lawsuits will be quagmired in court.  Then they will SLOOOOOOOWLY bring them back.

    Why back off?  Because the losses from fewer MTs will be far less than if they do nothing and loot boxes and MTs become regulated by the government, very likely including another layer of taxes.
  • Ship of Heroes - Powerset Demo Video & Justice Corp Bldg. - MMORPG.com News

    I was pretty impressed by the level of finish on the animations and effects of their first completed powerset that is ready for display. 

    Also, I was glad to see that most powers are AoE.  ITS FRIKKING FIRE, COME ON!  Fire is not picky, you set one thing on fire, the thing next to it catches on fire too!