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  • Trial account had 3 characters...

    I found out right away that the GW2 base game went free. I installed the game and logged into my old trial account from 2 and 1/2 years ago.

    I had 3 characters and I decided to check out some gw2 wiki's to figure out what professions I wanted to play and which I wasn't really into.

    So I decided I definitely wanted to play Engineer and Necromancer. The 3 characters I had where Engineer,Elementalist and Ranger.

    I figured Elementalist would be my third choice so I'll leave it and I'll just delete the ranger and replace it with a Necromancer, and if/when I upgrade later I can just remake the Ranger.

    So after I delete the ranger it's slot becomes locked and I am like "oh ***k". I realized my mistake and then I found out the Ranger would of gotten a 3yr bday gift in a few months that I could of used, so I contacted support to see if they would restore it for me.

    I was told ...

    "We are not able to recover or restore individual characters. Please note, the character deletion process was designed to prevent accidental deletion through a confirmation process that requires the second entry of the character’s name and a second acceptance of the fact that the deletion is desired and intended.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us."

    So I'm kinda sad about this situation I've gotten myself into and I've lost interest in buying the game. I've been in this situation of being screwed when joining an mmo and it haunted me while I played.

    I don't want to upgrade and then everythime I log in I will be reminded of how I screwed up and how ArenaNet/NCSoft wouldn't help me.

    I hope nobody else makes my stupid mistake.

    EDIT: I'm probably going to just wait for Expansion to come out and see what people have to say about the game then.
  • Incursions Taps into a Tidbit of the Game's Full Potential - The Division News

    The game isn't worth putting much time into until they increase stash/bank size. And a gear saving system so you can have more then 1 build on a character without having to manually change all your gear to change your build. I have three level 30's with three different builds and it's a PITA.

    I can't understand why Massive hasn't at least increased the stash yet.

    Having two or more characters is really hard when you only have space to hold 40 items. Having to login and out of two or more characters to move things around is so frustrating that it makes me want to logout for the day/night after jumping through all those hoops.

    Then the next day I often don't want to login and play because I know my routine will end with me having to login and out of characters to move gear around and deconstruct all the junk I received after spending hours with nothing but that junk to show for it.

    It's so hard to get crafting materials, even if you spend a lot of time deconstructing gear... you are low on Tools and Electronics, you craft a bunch of an item hoping to get one that is decent. All the materials you had been saving for a week are gone after crafting 20 items... which you had to deconstruct 15-19 of afterwards, and to have no tools or electronics returned from deconstructing all the gear you just wasted time making is upsetting.

    Massive is really good at making their game feel like a waste of time, incursions don't feel very rewarding for the amount of time I put into it to just end up getting more junk gear to deconstruct.