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  • More Greedmonger refund drama

    So let me get this right.

    He has Zero Obligation to repay the Money.. yet.. has chosen to give a refund.. out of his own pocket no less.. and a bunch of crybaby entitled audacious jerks.. are calling him the bad guy?

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  • Would people care about cosmetics in a first person only MMO?

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  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    Vrika said:
    Ungood said:
    cjmarsh said:
    Ungood said:
    Ungood said:

    Does anyone like a pessimist even if they are right?
    I understand that you want to be positive. And you may not like the pessimism. However, if this is true, and I believe it is, then SBS it is possibly practicing shady business.
    But see, it's not True, until it happens, right now, it's nothing more then a pessimistic outlook, recited endlessly. Even if you agree with their prediction, it makes it no less pessimistic. And if someone is so sure something is going to fail, why not just walk away from it, why hang around and harp upon it endlessly?

    As for any truth, given that half their ramblings and objections revolve around tin foil hat mudslinging about ivory towers, and what have you, its like they are playing their own delusional fantasy game around this games development.

    Now, If you really look at it, it's more a cry for attention, they want to be head, they want this company to listen due to some self imposed feelings of importance and perhaps they were given a head nod for suggesting an idea that I would wager has already been around for a few decades, and suddenly feel they should have the power to shape the game as a whole, and perhaps got blown off when they pushed too hard, hence their "way forward" post they think is going to change the whole game.

    Now, If that is who you want to follow, be my guest, but.. for me. I like games, I enjoy playing games, and I look forward to new and fun games play. To me, CoE is not new in the sense of Online Games, it's more a return to old school MUDs, which I loved playing back in the day.

    But, this is just one of many games out there to me, so, I am not going to piss away my life tending an ear to the ramblings of pessimist, if that is what makes you happy and you want to cling that they are prophetic truth speakers, be my guest, but don't expect me to give that decision, or the words you cling to, any respect.

    If they end up being right.. Oh well. Guess Ill just have to play something else.. much like what  I am doing right now.. playing something else. So my life won't change, as such, I have no reason to humor such negativity.
    You're basically arguing that willful ignorance is alright as long as it comes with a positive mentality. But if you don't want to admit things because they are negative then how will you ever change or inspire the change you really want? People aren't pessimistic because they enjoy it, they're pessimistic because they have a vision of something that works better and want to see it realized.
    Accepting that if they say they have things under control, that they have things under control, is a whole lot better then running around like a chicken with head chopped off screaming the whole game is gonna die, when you really have no idea.

    Now, Don't let me stop you doing that.. but understand I am not going to take you seriously either.
    If you accept that they have things under control you might end up buying something from them and losing your money if they can't deliver, whereas running around like a headless chicken is free.

    Therefore I submit that panicking and running around like a headless chicken is the better alternative.

    I see you never heard the story of Chicken Little, See, making an ass of yourself may not cost money, but it is not free either.

    Now, look at things form my angle, I am given the choice between the word of someone on a form with no credentials to speak of, or the developer of the game itself.. which sounds like the most reliable bet to have a clue on what is really going on?

    If they say, this is just a set back, then.. maybe, it's just a set back.
    Sure, the developer of the game has the most knowledge of what is going on. But, that doesn't mean they are willing to share that info publicly. 

    Just because they have the inside knowledge does not make them a reliable source. The owner of the company has everything to gain if they succeed and everything to lose if they fail.

    You also have to look at the the track record of the company. Have they been up front and honest so far?

    I would argue some random guy on the forums who has observed many other KS projects and has 0 skin in the game may actually be a more reliable and less biased resource. 

    My understanding is that Soul Bound Studios, and Caspian directly, has been very transparent and open with their community so far, keeping them up to date on the good and the bad, far more then a lot of other game companies have done or do at all, hence why so may people seem to know so much about what they are doing and get to sit around an play arm-chair developer with them. 

    Now, anyone who is in fact informed would know that when things go bad, companies cut off communications, put up veils of silence, and only allow PR reps to deal with the public as a form of damage control.

    Case in point, Caspian did not need to make any mention of their deals with SpartalOS, or their decision to no use it, he could have sat on that for a long as he liked, he could have kept that hidden away till release date, and then simply not added their logo to the product page. He was under no obligation to say what was going on between them, and, truth be told, if this was going to be really bad, or he was trying to hide things, he would have simply said nothing at all.

    But he was open, transparent, and made things clear to his supporters what was going on, everything opposite of what someone who was trying to hide something would do, and for that, you rip upon him, call him a thief, say his company will fail, and accuse him of lying about what is going on.

    Oh, well, gosh you must be the voice of reason.
  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    Gdemami said:
    Ungood said:
    Are you seeing what is wrong with the picture, are you getting my analogies?
    Um...the wrong is your tunnel vision and from your analogies one can get you are not able to make valid analogies?

    It is the same story as always - small indy game is released and couple vocal 'die-hards' are telling others to go play something else until there is no one left to play with...
    Ok.. Lets dispense the analogies, and cut the real point.

    You can feel anyway you want about a game, Going to a form fussing that you don't like a game is an obvious cry for attention.

    Here is the wake up call.

    No one is obligated to hear you out about it, No one gives a shit why you don't like a game that they like, and finally no one is going to try and talk you into playing a game you don't like.

    So there is no discussion at this point.

    Simple enough?

    The fact that people suggest that you spend your time and effort finding things you enjoy, as opposed to pissing on their parade, is a real polite way to ask a troll to leave.

  • Guild Wars 2 - Social Media Warfare Takes Down Two Writers at ArenaNet - MMORPG.com

    There is no doubt that this will have the impact of game companies starting to cut all communication with their clients by all member's of staff.

    It's sad really, as gamers often ask why there is not more open communication between the company and the staff, why they won't talk with the masses or be more open, and this my dudes, is why.

    There is nothing gained by someone that works for a company to slog it in the trenches with the masses, if they are going to risk losing their jobs for just being a normal person on their social media, if they always need to put on the professional face, then it's a work account, nothing more and will be treated as such.

    Ergo, they are going to turn that off, close the doors, and cut all communication unless they are paid for their time.

    So when anyone asks why a game company is not more open with them.. this is why.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    laserit said:
    I'd say that you have an over inflated value of your self worth, a legend in your own mind.

    I'm going to bet that I smile a hell of a lot more than you do.

    No.. I am just a generic human like you, nothing special, you are no more deserving of my respect then I am of yours, we are both equally worthless, and the sooner you also embrace that, the sooner you can pull your head out of your ass and realize the world does not revolve around you, that the truth hurts, and just because someone is paid to be nice does not mean they are either a nice person or that they like you.

    The fact that any of you are shocked by that little bit of revelation is a bad joke, told poorly.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    Aeander said:
    Ungood said:
    Aeander said:
    Ungood said:
    This topic amuses me greatly.. and if I ever was (which I am not) planning to make an MMO, just reinforces why I would never slum it in the trenches with the masses.

    I can barely deal with most of you as a group that I could not care less about, if my job depended on being nice to you all, that would be the embodiment of a living hell.
    Frankly, that says more about your character than any of ours. 
    Nope, it says a lot about you.. as you obviously have not worked retail.
    Actually, I have worked as a cashier, and hated every waking moment of it. But even in those occasions when customers were hostile, I did not suddenly have a free pass to insult them. There is no faster way to get fired, and rightly so. 
    LOL.. and that is why I said I would never deal with any of you.. notice your pal above 'let me boycott you" see anything other then a life loser pain the ass client in that in that kind of action... 

    Now you know your face.. again.. Price's only mistake was letting people know where she worked, and letting people know what she really thought of all you... a mistake I would never make, but I am being at least honest as to why.

    and since I am not being paid to do this either.. have a good life.

    or don't.. I don't care either way.

  • Are MMO with subcriptions too cheap? Games too cheap in general?

    I'll have to disagree. It seems like bizarro logic. Maybe they should be 100 million made for one person? No. The prices haven't gone up much, but the market has grown immensely.

    The problem is they are making products that don't have the quality and appeal to make the money they want to see. For subscriptions, I could see a company offering more for a higher subscription. A publisher could offer access to all their games for $20 ~ $25. In game shops seem to be quite profitable offering extras for those that want to pay more.

    I think game companies should look at getting additional income from advertising. No annoying popups, but simple product placement, like they do in movies.
    Well, if they made it 1 million a month... then the extreme whales would be left. But they are out there, and they spend more than anyone else combined on games like Star Citizen that aren't even out. They pay so much to most people, on just jpeg images. That vast monthly fee wouldn't be a big deal if a developer aimed at only the extreme whales...they make less money for less maintenance on servers and what not since they'd only have to make the MMO for a small group of people.

    Why does a game need to be for EVERYONE? Now I don't say every game needs to be millions. But the occasional MMO or game? If a developer wanted to do something that extreme like you said in the quote, then most wouldn't be able to play but that would not be any downside to the developer if they were to attract the extreme whales that are out there. They'd in a sense make more money if successful, since maintenance costs would be a lot lower due to the smaller amount of people. The hardest part is keeping them there, but every MMO has that problem.
    I have always believed that a higher quality more focused game should be the current future of MMO's. I think a game would be better made, designed and directed, if they had a direct target market, a specific kind of player in mind for their game, and then focused design around that player.
  • Game prices argument

    Ungood said:
    Gorwe said:
    What do you think of the type of argument that says something to the effect of "I spent 30$ just for food / for theater ; games are super cheap"? I'm really interested in what you think about such arguments. Are they cheap? Even if they are, should it be used to practically defend microtransactions and poorly priced games?
    Now dealing with this.

    Truth is, the numbers are sound, overall, MMO games are not expensive, given I also play Table Top War Games and CCG's, MMO's are stupid cheap to get into, and given so many of them (even those with micro-transactions or item mall) have made it so that I never need to spend a cent, they are the best value for their dollar/hour played over any kind of gaming hobby out there.

    Quite frankly, while I am not a fan (nor shall I ever be) of playing some RNG game with my cash when it comes to a game, I am more then willing to buy what I like, when it suits me.

    So, I am, nor have I ever been opposed to item malls, in fact, I even like LoTR/DDO model where they sell Adventure Packs (DLC Dungeons), because that at least links development with what sells, where games like GW2, where they are trying fund content development by selling outfits and stuff.
    Well I'd say that something like a table top wargame's content is more valuable than any shitty online game. With a ttwg you buy tangible products that will continue to exist after the game company goes tits up. With digital games you merely rent content for the lifetime of the game. Once said game closes its doors you are fucked. 
    Equally so.. my dog can't eat my MMO character.
  • New Sale/Event (Searing Plague) is now live:

    Kyleran said:
    Ungood said:
    Kyleran said:
    An investor is a person or organization that buys securities or property in order to receive a profit.

    Securities are stocks, shares, bonds, or other certificates that you buy in order to earn regular interest from them or to sell them later for a profit.


    Neither a speculator (who takes on high risks for high rewards) nor a gambler (who takes on the risk of total loss for out of proportion rewards) but one whose primary objectives are preservation ofthe original investment (the principal), a steady income, and capital appreciation.

    Always happy to help.

    Wow.. someone that is willing to step and make a point, while not be a huge douche about it.. Color me Impressed.
    I've been trying to be nicer and squash my inner jerk.....clearly I don't always succeed. 

    It also helps to pick your battles. ;)